Honda Wave 125 Thai Concept Vanz-Streetbike Fusion by Racing Burit

Date posted on September 8, 2021
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This modified bike is a fusion of Vanz and Streetbike. It’s an amalgamation of the two concepts. The bike was built by the humble mechanic and owner of Racing Burit Shop, Mauricio “Marz” Gicano Jr. who is based in Mandaue City, Cebu.

The base bike for this build is a 2013 Honda Wave 125 owned by Niel Alvarez Tabuñag, a book keeping messenger and the owner of a small clothing line business named “HUSTLIN’ SINCE DAY ONE”. The bike was a gift from his mother when he graduated from college. “I chose this concept because when I first started out motorcycling, it was the resurgence of Thai Concept. I was also really fascinated with the Vanz-Streetbike because at first glance it may look like an ordinary Wave bike but once you take a closer look, you start to admire the detail and discipline behind it,” shared.

Racing Burit owner Marz Gicano Jr. started out as a 2nd generation car mechanic like his father but when he bought his own motorcycle, it was the start of his transition from being a car mechanic to a motorcycle mechanic. He started working on his own bike until friends and acquaintances started noticing the quality of his work. From then on, he went at it full time and established his own motorcycle restoration and tuning shop “Racing Burit”.

The bike sports Excel Takasago rims (front & rear) wrapped in IRC drag racing tires. The bike also features a wide array of THDM aftermarket parts and accessories such as the silver Heng genuine bolts and nuts throughout the bike from the engine to the body panels. For its brake systems, it has Brembo master cylinder, Brembo brake levers, Brembo brake calipers, Morin brake fluid lines/hose and lightened disk rotors. Due to the bike’s loaded engine, the team utilized NUI Racing Project swing arm which is a lot longer than the stock swing arm to prevent uncontrolled wheelies. It features high-performance Gaz-i rear suspension. The team also installed Noo Lamlukka Racing exhaust pipe to compliment the engine load. It has foldable rider’s footrest similar to those that you would find in dirt bikes. To keep the weight down, it sports JRP Racing saddles. One of its key features is the full carbon fiber body fairings in honeycomb pattern which is complemented with custom-cut lightened body panels. The engine was built by Quarter Mile Racing mechanic Richard Ouano.

“First of all I would like to thank Papa God for guiding us during this build. Thank you so much to my mother Liezl Alvarez Tabuñag, my father Nelson Tabuñag who has already passed away and is in the good hands of our Lord, Team Shololort X Racing Burit, Renfred Catam-isan , Khuane Aranda , Melqui Sastre and Jay Tabuñag. Thank you so much Marz Gicano for doing an impeccable job in building my bike and thank you and much love to my girlfriend who has been very supportive. Special shoutout to our racing team Quartermile Racing, Boss Talix, our mechanic Richard Ouano, Cebu Wave 125 Owners Club, Sir Clark David Capote, Charles Marvin Cahulogan, Fiona Motorparts, Jadeworks, LaNinoDPintura, 6six9ine, Inamigo Motorparts, The Vape Spot and all those who have supported me since day one. Thank you so much. Thank you to Sir Al Camba and Sir Arnel Santos-Yñigo for featuring my bike. It is indeed a dream come true to be featured in InsideRACING Magazine, the greatest motorcycle magazine in our country. Maraming salamat po and God bless,” Niel expressed.

Parts and Accessories Used:

Excel Takasago rims (front & rear)

IRC drag racing tires (front & rear)

genuine silver Heng bolts and nuts throughout the bike from the engine to the body panels

Brembo master cyclinder

Brembo brake levers

Brembo brake calipers

Morin brake fluid lines/hose

lightened disk rotors

NUI Racing Project swing arm

Gaz-i rear suspension

Noo Lamlukka Racing exhaust pipe

foldable riders footrest

JRP Racing saddles

Full carbon fiber body fairings (honeycomb pattern)

lightened body panels

Engine (57mm w/ Sudco Keihin Carb) built by Quarter Mile Racing mechanic Richard Ouano

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19  Number 6

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