How much motorcycle sales were lost in 2020?

Date posted on March 29, 2021
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In his speech today during the Induction of Officers of the MDPPA, Atty. Clarence V. Guinto, the Regional Director of LTO- NCR West, stated that the total new motorcycle registrations in the Philippines went down by 22% in 2020 from 2,459,869 units in 2019 to only 1,929,308 units.

Atty. Clarence V. Guinto, Regional Director of LTO- NCR West

The National Capital Region or NCR had a bigger drop of 25% from 406,803 units in 2019 down to only 307,024 units.

“The motorcycle industry now is the driving force in the Philippines’ motorization. Less registrations means less funds for the  government to implement projects and infrastructures,” said Atty. Guinto.

Outgoing MDPPA President Mr. Alfredo Lejano of Yamaha Motor Philippines

“The ongoing COVID -19 pandemic, Taal volcano eruption and thyphoon Ambo sank the Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to a record low to -9.5 %  from +6% in 2019 and 6.3% in 2018,” said outgoing MDPPA President Mr. Alfredo Lejano of Yamaha Motor Philippines.

“As the economy grinded to a snail pace and public transportation was halted, motorcycle delivery service became very important to the country  to keep the economy moving and the frontliners mobile. This led to the ascention of motorcycles as the new King of the Road. Still, the industry cannot escape the negative effects of the months of lockdown and work disruptions.” he added.

The MDPPA composed of the Japanese big four Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha alone reported a decrease of 29.2% in 2020. From a total of 1,704,898 in 2019, it went down to  1,206,374 units in 2020.

You can read the full 2020 MDPPA sales report and forcast below:

From these total registration numbers and MDPPA sales, the non-MDPPA  sales approximately went down from 754,974 in 2019 to 722,934 in 2020 or only by 4.2%. These include the Europeans, American, Taiwanese and China brands.

Meanwhile, a source for  Total Asean motorcycle sales data reflected similar decline as full year sales have been only 10.85 million or by 28.9% less than 2019. It is the biggest drop for the region in 70 years. The biggest decline was in Indonesia at 43.7%,  followed by the Philippines at  30.1%,  Thailand 9.7%,  Vietnam 13.6%,  Malaysia 8.6%, Cambodia 19.8% and the smaller country, Singapore, the 41.5%.

During the MDPPA event, they are confident that for the Philippines, we will recover by 27%. This is considering that the industry as of Jan 2020 had a growth of 20% before the pandemic started compared to 2019.

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