Hubless Yamaha SZ Modern Day Chopper by 3B Customs Surigao

Date posted on January 8, 2019
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A short history of the builder: The name is Benjo Sun, and he is the head of 3B Customs which stands for Bikes Builds Bonds. They are a garage shop located south of the Philippines’ capital, on a quiet, sleepy little town called Surigao City. 3B Customs started way back in 2013 as a hobby which eventually garnered some clients and followers from as far as Luzon, Visayas and even overseas.



About the build: The base bike for this build is a commuter bike from Yamaha, model is SZ-R and it has a 150cc engine. This standard bike runs good and is fuel-efficient, rather apt for city riding although it would hold its own even on long rides. Not shying away from experimental builds, 3B Customs tackled this mind-bending project. A lot of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears have been poured onto this beauty right here.



The Hubless bike concept has been around for quite some time now but mostly overseas in particular Mr. Billy Lane, who is one of the builders that the owner has looked up to ever since and serves as an inspiration for this undertaking. This is their own take on that, using what they have with what they can.



The build: The bike build is owner Benjo Sun’s take on the modern day chopper, it is like a retro-futuristic blend. He dubbed her Miss Molly aka Hole-y Moley. The only thing that is left unchanged is the engine. Everything else has been fabricated or changed.




  • Custom-fabricated front and rear hubless rim and mechanism
  • Custom-fabricated and computed jack shaft, with disc brake rotor adaptor
  • Custom-fabricated and reinforced swing arm
  • Custom-fabricated box type muffler hidden below the engine inside the engine guard
  • Modified see-through gas tank to complement the see-through wheels
  • Modified and reinforced bike chassis
  • Modified new upside down front suspension
  • New mono shock rear suspension
  • Integrated rear, brake and turn signals led lighting underneath the seat
  • Integrated handlebar grips with turn signals
  • Custom-fabricated ergonomic drag bars
  • Custom-fabricated big rear sprocket
  • Custom-upholstered seat
  • New retro-inspired headlight
  • New minimalist throttle and universal switch assembly
  • Hidden wirings