InsideRACING Trackday Presented by Shell Advance will be on October 5

Date posted on January 12, 2009
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Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils will present the 2nd InsideRACING Track Day at the Carmona Race Track on October 5, an event created to give the ordinary riders a chance to ride on a race track.

During IR Track Days, riders can lap a permanent track with complete safety support. Designed to discourage racing on the streets, the InsideRACING Track Day Presented by Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils will have trained track marshals, an ambulance, and a doctor on site, as well as an inspection of the motorcycle and safety gears. It is definitely much safer than racing on the streets. The riders will also be grouped according to riding skills and will have equal multiple sessions during the day with enough rest periods between sessions.

Rider Groups include Hobby, Beginner, Experienced and Experts. Rider Fee is only P300 for three (3) 15 min sessions and a limit of 25 riders per session will be implemented for safety.

IR Track Days are also supported by Motorcycle and Stoplight TV.