IR Eastern Club Races Round 4 will be Continued in September

Date posted on June 19, 2022
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More than a hundred entries made the fourth round of the InsideRACING Eastern Club Races another well participated event. Novice and beginner riders once again tackled the Cainta IR Speedrome at the Bazaar City.

Featured in the fourth round were pocketbike, stand-up scooter, scooter, maxi scooter and underbone race classes together with the Team Attitude and Arkinians 2 Fast club races.

The event also saw the MotoIR Youth Cup initial try out and evaluation. Young riders lapped the race course using Kayo Mini GP bikes.

The sun shone brightly until noon but rain poured heavily in the afternoon during qualifying and races of the first two classes which were the Scooter Beginner Group A and Pocketbike Adults. Winner in the Scooter Beginner Group A was Yuri Olayvar while Jefferson Gonzales triumphed in the Pocketbike Adults category.

The succeeding classes were not able to continue to race because of the downpour. As safety is always the priority, it was decided initially that for the remaining ten classes, the winners will be based in the qualifying result. But after being suggested by most of the riders and teams, it is agreed upon that the final race of the rest of the categories will be run in September 25, the same day of the fifth round of the series. InsideRACING is encouraging participants to come early to the venue for their fourth round races.

The IR Eastern Club Races has a new partner, Quick Tires. Round 4 winners will receive Quick motorcycle tires. The brand is also an event partner of the MotoIR and Super Series which is also organized by InsideRACING.

For details and those interested to join the IR Club Races, please contact 0945-3355520. The race event sanctioned by USRA is exclusive for Novice and Beginner riders and aims to develop new racing stars.

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