IR News: Great Things in Store for YClub; Consumer Care, Petron, FDR, Racing Boy and Motoworld Continues Partnership with Yamaha

Date posted on August 13, 2017
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A press conference was held at the YZone Flagship Shop last August 12 and Yamaha Motor Philippines announced the activities in line for YClub members. Representatives of YClub sponsors Consumer Care, Petron, FDR and Racing Boy were present and discussed their partnership with Yamaha Motor Philippines.

Mr. Kaoru Ogura, Sales and Marketing Director of Yamaha Motor Philippines acknowledged their sponsors in his opening remarks

Mr. Kaoru Ogura and Mr. Ryan Jude Camus of Yamaha Motor Philippines with YClub sponsors during the press conference

YClub’s Mr. John Hanzel Leyva explained the easy procedures to be a YClub member as well as the YClub activities for the second half of the year.  The Yamaha Club was formed to bring together individuals that were passionate about riding. The growth they have experienced through their love for motorcycles forged values that go beyond the roads.

Mr. John Hanzel Leyva of the YClub team explained how to be a YClub member and the acitivities lined up of the YClub

Lined up YClub activities are “Riders Getaway”, “Together We Ride”, “Wide Ride” and “Yamaha Club Toy Ride”. Here are the details of the activities.

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Mr. Kaoru Ogura (Sales and Marketing Director) and Mr. Ryan Jude Camus (Marketing Section Senior Manager) joined Mr. Andy Aguilar of Consumer Care, Mr. Julius Cesar Mozo of Petron, Mr. Peter Yung of FDR and Ms. Justine Lu and Ms. Samantha Lu of Racing Boy in the press conference. All sponsors have good things to say about their partnership with Yamaha and looks forward to letting YClub members experience their products in the activities and events of the YClub. The sponsors also gave away items that were raffled off to the media and YClub members present.

A contract signing with the sponsors and Yamaha was also held and certificates were given by Mr. Ogura and Mr. Camus to the sponsors. Motoworld is also a sponsor of the Yamaha Club and members are able to avail discounts on Motoworld products.

Mr. Andy Aguilar of Consumer Care received a certificate from Yamaha Motor Philippines. Consumer Care distributes VS1 and Mototek products. VS1 and Mototek will always support in terms of the maintenance and safety of the riders. Consumer Care will also educate riders about their products and how to maintain their motorcycles. Consumer Care have been supporting Yamaha in their service campaigns and now they will also support the YClub.

Mr. Peter Yung received a certificate in behalf of FDR. He stated that FDR will always be in partnership, in communication and in collaboration with Yamaha to provide all YClub members the performance and safety of their tires which have been trusted by many riders for many years now.

Certificate for Racing Boy received by Ms. Justine Lu. Racing Boy products undergo careful research and development and they are extending their products to YClub riders by making it accessible through this partnership with Yamaha. Since they are sharing similar objectives towards riding, Yamaha and Racing Boy complement each other. With the world-class motorcycles that Yamaha produces and Racing Boy products, Racing Boy believes that every YClub rider is sure to experience safety and comfort. Together with Yamaha, Racing Boy build riders’ confidence.

Mr. Julius Cesar Mozo receiving a certificate from Yamaha Motor Philippines. Petron is confident that the world-class Petron fuels in the Yamaha motorcycles of the YClub members will provide better riding experience for the riders. Petron is excited with the activities lined up and will always be there to support YClub riders and Yamaha

Mr. Ryan Jude Camus (Marketing Section Senior Manager of Yamaha Motor Philippines) led the wine toasting ceremony

Mr. Kristoffer Manayaga of Yamaha Motor Philippines has done a lot of innovations for the YClub

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