IR News: Motorcycle Races and Track Day Enjoyed by Many at Wheeltek GP V

Date posted on May 8, 2018
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The fifth edition of the Wheeltek GP took place at the Carmona Race Track on May 6, 2018. Motorcycle brands distributed by motorcycle dealer Wheeltek supported the event which had open and one-make races and track day activities.


L-R Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Mr. Akihiro Maruo, Wheeltek’s Mr. Roscoe Odulio, Honda Philippines’ Mr. Gilbert Sison, Kawasaki Motors Philippines’ Mr. Henry Raquedan, Suzuki Philippines’ Mr. Allan Panlibuton and Mr. Duds Lumague of USRA



Honda Philippines, Suzuki Philippines and Yamaha Motor Philippines lent units to be used in the one make races. Kawasaki Motor Philippines and TVS Motor had track day sessions. These five brands also exhibited their motorcycles at the event and they also had demo units to be tested and used in the underbone and scooter track days.









More than 80 riders joined the event and there were more than 150 entries. Many were beginner and novice riders while some intermediate and expert racers also participated. Items from Overdose Moto Products were raffled to the riders and freebies were given courtesy of Wheeltek and the sponsors of the event.




Riders’ Briefing


Wheeltek GP V participants with Wheeltkek’s Mr. Roscoe Odulio (rightmost) and representatives from different manufacturers


Wyner Blente emerged victorious in the Honda RS150 one-make race with fellow young riders Leeandro Paredes of DK Racing and Jakob Sablaya joining him in the podium.


Honda RS150 race


Honda RS150 race awarding with Mr. Mark Chuidian of Wheeltek (leftmost) and Honda Philippines’ Mr. Gilbert Sison (2nd from left) and Mr. Juan Luis Francisco (2nd from right)


The Suzuki Raider J race was won by Dean Dadivas while Freddie Doma and Kevyn Angeles finished second and third. Djereck Ondillo dominated the Raider R150 category. Edcel Corpuz and Whyner Blente were the runners-up.


Suzuki Raider R150 and Suzuki Raider J combined grid


Suzuki Raider J class winners. Representing Suzuki Philippines was Mr. Allan Panlibuton (3rd from left).


Suzuki Raider R150 class winners. Also at the awarding was Ms. Jacq Buncio (4th from right) of the Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team.


In the Yamaha Sniper 150 class, Leeandro Paredes took the victory while Edcel Corpuz bagged the second place and Eljin Lobarbio got the third place.


Yamaha Sniper 150 grid


Yamaha Sniper 150 class winners


All the one-make race categories were battled by novice and beginner racers.

The scooter open race had three categories – 130 Open for beginner and novice riders, 160 Open for beginner and novice riders and 160 Open Elite for intermediate and expert riders. Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito rider Niel Jan Centeno ruled in the 160 Open Elite class. Second placer was Christian Ancheta and the third place went to Justinne Bethany Tolentino, the lady rider of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito. Edcel Corpuz of DK Racing Project FI won the 160 Scooter Open race. John Paulo Capili of Team Bhebelab placed second and Wyner Blente finished third. Team Bhebelab’s Joseph Purino was victorious in the 130 Scooter Open race with Edward de Jesus of ECR taking the second place.


130 Scooter Open, 160 Scooter Open and 160 Scooter Open Elite combined grid


130 Scooter Open class winners


160 Scooter Open class winners


160 Scooter Open Elite class winners


McKinley Kyle Paz of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito racing team was dominant in the 150 Open Underbone Expert race. Second to finish the race was Josh Tan of MotoTan while Niel Jan Centeno finished third. Justinne Bethany Tolentino clinched the win in the 150 Open Underbone Intermediate class. Joining her in the podium were Amber Torres of Amber16 Racing and Roel Rubin of MotoTan/Honda. SGK Racing Team’s Kevyn Angeles was triumphant in the 150 Open Underbone Beginner/Novice category. Richard Flores and Ralph Gerald Albances were the runners-up.


150 Open Underbone Expert, Intermediate and Beginner/Novice combined grid


150 Open Underbone Beginner/Novice class winners


150 Open Underbone Intermediate class winners


150 Open Underbone Expert class winners


It was another successful Wheeltek GP which was held in partnership with InsideRACING for five editions now. The event was sanctioned by the Unified Sports and Racing Association for Motorcycles, Inc. (USRA).



The Wheeltek GP is one of Wheeltek’s ways of thanking motorcycle riders and at the same time encouraging them to race on the racetrack. Wheeltek is one of the leading motorcycle dealers in the country and the company aims to be the “Key to A New Life” of Filipinos. #LETSRIDENA is the current campaign of Wheeltek.