IR News: MTORQUE Flat Track Series Successfully Wraps Up First Season

Date posted on December 20, 2016
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A day after its third leg, the Maximum TORQUE Flat Track Series Presented by InsideRACING concluded its first season with a final leg on December 16. Enthusiasts once again gathered at the MX Messiah Fairgrounds in Taytay, Rizal to get a taste of night flat track racing featuring kids, newbies, up and coming racers and of course the legendary Glenn Aguilar.

Riders’ Briefing

The multiple-time champion rider Glenn Aguilar with Mr. Al Camba of InsideRACING and Maximum TORQUE. Aguilar’s son Mclean (12 ) also raced in the final leg of the 2016 MTORQUE Flat Track Series Presented by InsideRACING.

The races that night were indeed thrilling and both the riders and the spectators enjoyed the action in the flat track.

Premier class

Club Race

Mini Juniors class

Winners in the final leg were Asher Tamayo in the Mini Juniors, Davide Viterbo in the Mini Adults, Paulo Bonza in the All Scooters, Justin de Leon in the All Underbones, Wilcon Dalinog in the Monoshocks, Mark Tiu in the Club Race, Soeren Campo in the Run What You Brung and Glenn Aguilar who once again dominated the Premier class.

Mini Adults class 1st – David Viterbo 2nd – Amay Amon 3rd – Armando Catanyag

All Scooters class 1st – Paulo bonza 2nd – Desmond Quilingan 3rd – Butchoy Gabucay

All Underbones class 1st – Justin de Leon 2nd – Mark Anthony Viste 3rd – Bienvenido Torres

Monoshocks class 1st – Wilcon Dalinog 2nd – Christian Gayagaya 3rd – Ian Pol Tizon

Club Race 1st – Mark Tiu 2nd – Erik Gatmaitan 3rd – Mac Esguerra

Run What You Brung class 1st – Soeren Campo 2nd – Christian Gayagaya 3rd – Khen Ret

Premier class 1st – Glenn Aguilar 2nd – Ted Conde 3rd – Wilcon Dalinog

Mini Juniors class 1st – Asher Tamayo 2nd – Christopher Mercado 3rd – Khim Nichole Yumul

Overall champion of this year’s Maximum TORQUE Flat Track Series were recognized. The champions are Khim Nichole Yumul (Mini Juniors), Amay Amon (Mini Adults), Desmond Quilingan (All Scooters), Bienvenido Torres (All Underbones), Wilcon Dalinog (Monoshocks and Yamaha XTZ), Christian Gayagaya (Run What You Brung), Glenn Aguilar (Premier), Malou Gabriel (Yamaha XTZ All Girls) and Jakob Sablaya (Yamaha PW50).

Mr. Jun Mirasol of USRA and Mr. Al Camba of InsideRACING and Maximum TORQUE with the 2016 overall champions of the series (L-R: Wilcon Dalinog, Christian Gayagaya, Amay Amon, Glenn Aguilar, Khim Nhicole Yumul, Desmond Quilingan and Bienvenido Torres)

The successful 2016 season of the series may have ended but excitement is in the air for 2017 wherein InsideRACING and Maximum TORQUE plan to stage legs nationwide and the finals will be held at the World Trade Center during the 11th InsideRACING Bike Festival and Trade Show. Stay tuned for updates and check out, and for info and announcements.