IR News: Shell Advance IR Track Day is Back!

Date posted on April 4, 2017
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After some years of hiatus, InsideRACING is bringing back its IR Track Day. The much awaited event presented by Shell Advance is on April 9 at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. InsideRACING has been organizing track days since 2009 to promote racing in racetracks and not in the streets.

Motorcycle riders and enthusiasts can hone their riding skills in a safe environment. This is an enjoyable activity and camaraderie among participants is also promoted.

The IR Track Day has classes for scooters, underbones, lightweight motorcycles (200cc-400cc) and supersports/superbikes. Each class will have their own session inside the racetrack. Safety is a priority and participants are required to be in full protective gears.

The Shell Advance IR Track Day is also anticipated by race fans as some of the champion riders in the country will be present at the event.