IR News: Shell Advance RUGP Wraps Second Round in Bohol

Date posted on July 27, 2017
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Aside from the fifth round of the 2017 USRA Shell Advance Super Series Nationwide Championships Fueled by Shell V-Power, the Panglao Kartways in Bohol also hosted the second round of the Shell Advance Regional Underbone Grand Prix (RUGP) organized by The Racing Line.

Seven RUGP classes were enjoyed by a good crowd at the challenging Panglao Kartways and these were Bohol Club Race, All Ladies, FDR Club Race, Mallari Club Race, All Cebu Club Race, 4AT Intermediate Scooter and Expert 130 Underbone.

Suzuki Philippines lent their Suzuki Raider R150 motorcycles to be used in the All Ladies class and the FDR, Mallari and All Cebu Club races.

Prominent motorcycle racers and lady riders from Cebu and nearby provinces joined the event sanctioned by the Unified Sports and Racing Association for Motorcycles, Inc. (USRA).

Here are the pictures of the race classes, the winners and the podium finishers.

Race classes

4AT Intermediate Scooter class

All Ladies class

Bohol Club Race

All Cebu Club Race

Expert 130 Underbone class

FDR Club Race

Mallari Club Race

Shell Advance RUGP Round 2 winners

4AT Intermediate Scooter class winner – Simon Spencer Solon

All Ladies class winner – C-let Cuizon

Bohol Club Race winner – Carlo Rangas

All Cebu Club Race winner – Sahid Saiyad

Expert 130 Underbone class winner – Garry Caneda Jr.

FDR Club Race winner – Louis Kyle Quindao

Mallari Club Race winner – John Paul Manatad

Awarding of winners and podium finishers

4AT Intermediate Scooter race winners Simon Spencer Solon (1), Jaycob Cabahug (2) and Sylvester Ramirez (3). With them are Pilipinas Shell’s Ms. Recca Menchavez (3rd from left), Mr. Mark Malabanan (2nd from left) and Ms. Charmaine Go (5th from right), Mr. Jong Uy of The Racing Line (2nd from right), Mr. Neil Labrador (rightmost) and Mr. Al Camba of InsideRACING (leftmost).

All Ladies class winners C-let Cuizon (1), Jeaneth Miñoza (2) and Jannesse Llois Lucero (3)

Bohol Club Race winners Carlo Rangas (1), Jeffrey Sy (2) and Joebert Edig (3)

All Cebu Club Race winners Sahil Saiyad (1), Rommel Paz (2) and Van Ricablanca (3)

Expert 130 Underbone race winners Garry Cañeda Jr. (1), Jaycob Cabahug (2) and Mark Capoy (3)

FDR Club Race winners Louis Kyle Quindao (1), John Jexter Inoc (2) and Justin Mallari (3)

Mallari Club Race winners John Paul Manatad (1), Justin Mallari (2) and John Jexter Inoc (3)