IR News: Turbo Racing Hails 2017 Drag Kings and Queen

Date posted on November 14, 2017

The finale of Turbo Racing’s Drag King series this year was well supported as the Clark International Speedway was filled with drag racing enthusiasts and fans last November 4.

It was a whole day of drag racing action as riders and teams from different parts of the country converged and showcased their speed and acceleration skills.

Winners at the final round were Adrian Gonzales (155 Superstock (00)), Cowen Ramos (155 Stock (PCT) and 150 China (PCT)), Rasty Bernabe (180cc AT Open), Vika Garcia (Drag Queen), Nhelo Parocha (4V Auto Open), Jonel Tatunay (160 Open AT), Jhervy dela Cruz (160 Stockhead 59 All Stock), Adrian Talavera (160 Stockhead Trail Bike), Angelo Parati (150 25G) and McLee Magsino (130 2V UB).

Philippine Motorcycle Drag Racing Federation (PMDRF) also had race classes and victors in the national finals were Adrian Talavera in the 160 AT Open, Vika Garcia in the Drag Queen, Jhervy dela Cruz in the Trail Bike AT and Lantz Garido in the 25 G class.

Adrian Talavera was the big winner of the series as he was hailed as the 2017 Drag King and he was also the overall champ in the 155 Superstock 00, 160 Open AT and 130 2V UB categories. Cowen Ramos was the king of the 155 Stock (PCT) and 150 China (PCT) classes. 150 AT Open king was Jarome Villanueva. Jeff Tentia ruled in the 4V Auto Open. Michael Cortez champed in the 150 4V UB. Jhervy dela Cruz was the king of two categories as he champed in the 160 Stockhead 59 All Stock and 160 Stockhead Trail Bike. Christine Joy Reyes was the 2017 Drag Queen.

The Drag King finals was part of the All that Speed event organized by Turbo Racing.  A car and motor show and a tattoo festival were also held that day. Flush and Drag was part of the event.

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