IR News: Yamaha GP 9 Finals in Palawan – Who Were Victorious?

Date posted on September 15, 2018
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Motorcycle racers from all over the country were in Palawan for the final round of the Yamaha Grand Prix 9. It was a great race day sanctioned by the Unified Sports and Racing Association (USRA) for Motorcycles, Inc. last September 9 at the Palawan International Circuit wherein a huge crowd watched the races featuring prominent and up and coming riders.


Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Sales and Marketing Division Head Mr. Akihiro Maruo declaring the start of the Yamaha GP 9 final round races

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ Mr. Jordan Cornista (center), Mr. Emerson Mendoza (rightmost) and Mr. Jonathan Refugio (leftmost) with USRA’s Mr. Duds Lumague (2nd from left) and Mr. Al Camba (2nd from right) of InsideRACING and USRA


There were 7 race classes in the 2018 Yamaha GP’s finals  and these were All Female, Dealer Cup, Sniper One Make, 150 UB Open, 160 AT Open, Fun Race AT and Fun Race UB. The Yamaha GP showcases the great performance of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters and racing. The race series by Yamaha Motor Philippines has been popular through the years with the country’s highly skilled racers battling on racetracks and race courses.

Justinne Bethany Tolentino of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito dominated both races of the YGP All Female category. It was a dream came true for Tolentino when she emerged as the overall champion of the said class. Erika Ondillo finished second in the races and was hailed as the second overall. Third overall was Alicia Jaine Ortega who finished third in the second race. Jannese Llois Lucero was the third placer in the first All Female race of the day.


Yamaha GP 9 All Female class overall winners – Justinne Bethany Tolentino (1st), Erika Ondillo (2nd) and Alicia Jaine Ortega (3rd)


The YGP Dealer Cup featured riders who raced for motorcycle dealers Motor Ace, New Nemar, DHCI Cyclehaus, Rhean Marketing, LYR Motorhub and DES Marketing. Rhean Marketing’s Ephraim Onahon topped the first and second heat of the Dealer Cup’s Expert class and bagged the overall title. Second overall was Durraine Dan Carlos of LYR Motorhub and third overall was Ernie Daguio Jr. of DHCI Cyclehuas. In the Intermediate category, overall winner was Motor Ace rider John Paul Lantape. Rhean Marketing’s Bornok Mangosong placed second overall and LYR Motorhub’s Macdon Dave Sande was third overall. Rhean Marketing was the champion dealer. Motor Ace placed second, LYR Motorhub was third, DES Marketing was fourth and DHCI Cyclehaus was fifth overall.


Yamaha GP 9 Dealer Cup Intermediate class overall winners – John Paul Lantape of Motor Ace (1st), Bornok Mangosong of Rhean Marketing (2nd) and Macdon Dave Sande of LYR Motorhub (3rd)

Yamaha GP 9 Dealer Cup Expert class overall winners – Ephraim Onahon of Rhean Marketing (1st), Dan Carlos of LYR Motorhub (2nd) and Ernie Daguio Jr. of DHCI Cyclehaus (3rd)


Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito rider Vrei-ar Suba was impressive in the Sniper One Make class as he won the two heats as well as the overall title. Dan Carlos and Romer Corbe were the runners-up.


Yamaha GP 9 Sniper One Make class overall winners – L-R: Dan Carlos (2nd) Vrei-ar Suba (1st) and Romer Corbe (3rd)


4S1M-Yamaha’s John Emerson “The Hitman” Inguito prevailed in the much anticipated YGP 150 UB Open Championship which featured the top underbone racers in the country. Inguito won the first heat and manage to win again despite the challenge of Yamaha-Spec V racer Masato “The Chairman” Fernando in the second race. It was Fernando, however, who claimed the overall title. Inguito ended up second overall while third overall was McKinley Kyle Paz of Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito who placed third in the Palawan races. Bornok Mangosong was fourth in the standings while Garry Cañeda Jr. was fifth.


Yamaha GP 9 150 UB Open Championship overall winners – L-R: McKinley Kyle Paz (3rd), John Emerson Inguito (2nd), Masato Fernando (1st), Bornok Mangosong (4th) and Garry Cañeda Jr. (5th)


Amber Torres was triumphant in the 160 AT Open. Lauren Jay Ewag finished second while Andrew Tesorio placed third in the race.


160 AT Open winners – L-R: Lauren Jay Ewag (2nd), Amber Torres (1st) and Andrew Tesorio (3rd)


Fun Race AT winner was AJ Yap. Joseph Salinas and Lyndon Guerra joined him in the podium. Japjap Regala was victorious in the Fun Race UB with Jolly Sespeñe Jr.  and Dexter Arato placing second and third. Over a hundred racers participated in the Yamaha GP 9 finals in Palawan and it was indeed great to see the well-known riders as well as the local talents of Palawan providing thrilling races for the crowd.


Fun Race AT class

Fun Race AT winners – AJ Yap (1st), Joseph Salinas (2nd) and Lyndon Guerra (3rd)

Fun Race UB class

Fun Race UB winners – Japjap Regala (1st), Jolly Sespeñe Jr. (2nd) and Dexter Arato (3rd)


Aside from the races, Yamaha also displayed their latest motorcycles. Yamaha GP sponsors also had booths at the event.



The Yamaha GP 9 was supported by IDEMITSU, Racing Boy, FDR Tires, YSS Suspension, NGK Spark Plugs, ThreeBond, Unioil, Motoworld, VS1 and JM Mirasol.