IR Update: Mascardo again Top 10 in Suzuki Asian Challenge Final Race

Date posted on December 6, 2015
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20151206_131959_wm The final race of the inaugural Suzuki Asian Challenge was held today at the  Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand. During the first stages of the Race 2,  the three Team Suzuki Pilipinas riders were figthing for 10-12th position and were impressively part of of the lead pack of 12 riders.


For a few laps Enzo Rellosa, Mario Borbon and April King Mascardo each took turns occupying 10th position. When the leaders picked up the pace with 4 laps to was only Mascardo of Suzuki VMan who was able to stay with the group and the lead pack was reduxed to 10 riders with Mascardo at the tail. uUji YRS’ Rellosa and Suzuki BMR Borbon continued their battle for 11th while holding a comfortable lead over 13th place. Mascardo continued to stay with the lead pack which were lapping already in the 2m:18s.  A full second faster than the rest. Mascardo was able to record a best of 2m:18.886s. Meanwhile, the lead was comfortably held by  Patis Chooprethat of Thailand with Japanese Takeru Murase hounding him all the way. On the last corner, Murase dived into the inside of Patis and took the lead while forcing the Thai to slow down. However,  Murase paid the price  for  the aggressive move and crashed on the exit..sending him down the standings. Patis was slowed down enough to be engulfed by the following pack of Raider R150s and finished in 8th. Malaysian Baharudin inherited the lead and the victory followed by Indonesian Andreas Gunawan who claimed the 2015 SAC Championship and  Indian Jagan Kumar finished third. 20151206_131317_wm Mascardo crossed the line in 9th place, with Borbon  in 10th and Rellosa in 11th. An impressive and satisfactory results for Team Suzuki Pilipinas. Full report in InsideRACING Magazine 20151206_132106_wm 20151206_131909_wm