Is this the ultimate retro scooter that you can build yourself?

Date posted on November 10, 2020
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The NMOTO Golden Age

A US company will soon offer a kit to transform your ordinary BMW scooter into a magnificent two wheel work of art.

Nmoto recently announced the development of its newest model – the Golden Age. 

Harkening back to the halcyon days of pre-war motoring when transportation was equal parts speed, style and skill, the Golden Age captures this sentiment in a modern incarnation.

We at Nmoto have always been inspired by Art Deco design. But we’re also futurists as much as we are classicists,” says company founder Alexander Niznik.

Comes in cool retro colors

Marrying timeless lines with modern capabilities, the Golden Age channels the 1936 Henderson Courtney Prototype while using a new BMW C400X as its basis.

BMW C400X will be the base bike

The sleek streamliner will be powered by a 2020 BMW 350cc engine producing approximately 35hp and will employ all the modern convenience, technology and reliability built into the C400X.  Coupled with a low center of gravity, the Golden Age is designed to be both powerful and nimble on city streets, not to mention supremely practical and rakishly handsome.

Of course, just like other Nmoto models, an enormous amount of craftsmanship and detail will go into the creation of each Golden Age. As these renderings show, the design is complete and production of the first prototype is now underway with a public reveal expected in middlr of 2021.

The Golden Age will be Nmoto’s fourth design hallmark. 


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