VOGE 500 AC Retro Roadster arriving in PH

Date posted on October 25, 2021
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Voge Philippines has confirned that there will be an additional twin cylinder model in their line up. The popular and much sought after 500 AC retro roadster naked bike, which was revamped just last April by Voge, will be the third 500cc modelin the line up in addition to the popular 500R Streetfighter and the 500 DS adveture bike.

The very stylish looking Voge 500 AC still uses the smooth and torquey 471cc parallel-twin engine coupled to a smooth shifting transmisdion of the 500R and the 500DS. The Voge 500AC however bears sleek, neo-retro styling, similar to that of popular bikes like the new Trident,  XSR700 and CB10000.

There is a completely new traditionally shaped classic tank and tan/black colored seat with a lower seat height, a round headlight with LED technology, conically shaped stainless steel rear silencer, higher handlebars and the license plate including the indicator moves from the rear down to a swingarm. The new updated TFT dash is retained.

Like the 500R abd 500DS it will come equipped with premium parts like Pirelli tires, Nissin brakes, BOSCH EFI and ABS as well as KYB suspension.

We were advised that the units in transit now will have two color options Grey and Blue. Prices have yet to be announced.

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