Jan 17 : Dominant Year for Kawasaki in the Phils.

Date posted on January 19, 2009
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Kawasaki Motors (Phils) Corporation (KMPC) enjoyed a very successful 2008. With the instant sales success of its newly developed Fury 125 model that was launched in early second quarter and backed by the steady strong sales of it CT100, the Japanese maker was able to pose an impressive 48.6% improvement in sales as of November YTD compared to 2007 figures. Headed by its President & Chairman, Mr. Yoshihiro Tanigawa, General Manager for Sales, Marketing & Customer Support, Mr. Rodel Pablo, together with the Sales & Marketing Senior Manager, Ms. Teench Layosa – Doval Santos, KMPC has also secured the Number 2 Overall position in the motorcycle market in terms of sales. 2008 also saw KMPC celebrate its 40th Founding Anniversary in the Philippines signifying its contribution and commitment to the economic development of the nation.

The Fury 125 is a crossbreed underbone motorcycle with unique styling and took two years to develop. It’s most unique feature is the mid-mounted fuel tank and horizontal mounted 4–way adjustable rear
suspension. An exclusive ASEAN design fashioned with the Filipino bikers in mind, KMPC predicted the Fury 125 to touch the Filipino riders and to become one of the hottest selling motorcycles in the market. And it did it with flying colors as immediately after its launch, a long waiting list was formed and it took months for Kawasaki to supply all the dealer demands. Less than a month from its launch, the Fury 125 was already visible on the roads.