Jan. 28 ,2009 : New Suzuki Raider Breed in metro-wide tour

Date posted on January 29, 2009
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Suzuki Philippines gives motorcycle fans a treat by taking their newly-launched Suzuki Raider Breed motorcycles on a metro-wide tour, in a public launch that includes a stunt-riding show and a mini-rock concert.

The metro tour was kicked off during the public launch of the new Suzuki Raider Breed, at the A.Venue parking lot in Makati City, last January 19. Attended by thousands of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts, the show was hosted by Gaby de la Merced, Vince Tenchavez and Mel Aquino. Featured performers were Pupil with Ely Buendia, and Epic.

The succeeding appearances of the Suzuki Raider roadshow will be at the Rajah Sulayman Park on January 30, Pasay City on January 31, Quezon City Memorial Circle on February 6, SM Marilao on February 7, Ynares Complex on February 13, Muntinlupa Sports Complex on February 14, Laguna on February 20, and Cavite on February 21.

The program, which starts at 6:00 pm, opens with fun games, followed by the unveiling of the new Suzuki Raider product line-up. The Suzuki riding team
will also stage a stunt show that is sure to wow the crowd. Keeping Suzuki fans entertained will be a mini-concert by a rock band.

The top-of-the-line Suzuki *Raider R150* revolutionizes how motorcycles should be created. Taking its cue from the widely-popular, high-performance Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle, the latest *Raider R150* packs a mean punch with its twin-cam, 4-valve, 6-speed, 150cc engine for added power and acceleration, as well as improved fuel economy. The new *Raider R150* also boasts of front and rear disc brakes and a superior oil cooling system, reinforcing the motorcycle’s safety and reliability on the streets. With new Suzuki GSX-R inspired headlights, enhanced instrument panel, fresh mag wheels, and the latest sporty decal design, the *Raider R150* not only feels
like a racer, but looks like a racer too. The *Raider R150* also boasts of a new ECO or POWER mode with a bright shift timing light indicator to assist the rider in easy riding or power riding.

The new Suzuki *Raider J* comes packed with a high-torque, large-bore, fuel-efficient, 4-stroke engine that offers unparalleled performance and excitement on the road while presenting a very practical motorcycle for everyday use. Its street-ready tires with dependable front disc brakes, coupled with heavy-duty front forks with stabilizers and rear suspension, make the *Raider J* not only an exciting machine but also very safe and reliable. And to truly reflect a sporty and active lifestyle, Suzuki has infused a race-inspired design for the *Raider J* with new body color works and decals.

The latest member to the Raider Breed – the new Suzuki *Raider J Pro* is designed for those who want more excitement in their motorcycle riding experience. The new pro clutch feature of the *Raider J Pro* gives the rider more control of the motorcycle for a more exhilarating ride, while its new mag wheels and Dunlop tires add to the overall active and sporty look of the motorbike.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to take this opportunity to have a close-up look at the new Suzuki Raider, *The Breed That Will Lead*. Watch out for the metro-wide tours as they come your way.

Suzuki stunt riders get ready to amaze the crowd

Suzuki stunt riders get ready to amaze the crowd