JDM-inspired Yamaha NMAX

Date posted on October 3, 2020
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This scoot is inspired by JDM car culture from Japan.

The base bike is a 2019 Yamaha NMAX 155. The scoot is owned by John Paul “Jaypee” Torres from Liloan. He is a businessman engaged in exporting bread, biscuits, investment and online buy and sell. He got started in modifying bikes after he had a motorcycle accident several years ago. He was not able to ride for several months so he got himself tinkering with his old scoot. He had it repaired then it progressed to decals then one thing led to another and he eventually went on to upgrade to performance parts and accessories. From then on, he never looked back as he grew ever more fascinated with the scoot modifying culture. The NMAX scoot is one of his latest projects.

“I chose JDM concept to apply to my scoot because I like its utilitarian simplicity. You don’t have to overload it with accessories. This scoot is actually a fusion of JDM and Stance. I collaborated with Mr. Joemon Cadampog of Northside Lowered for this project. We faced many challenges as work on the scoot was on and off due to finances and parts logistics problems but we finished it anyway. It is a work in progress but we prepared the base mods to open up for further engine upgrades in the future,” Jaypee narrated.

The scoot sports Moto 1 BBS type mags wrapped in IRC drag tires. It also features high performance Brembo PS16 brake master cylinder which are lightweight and highly reliable. The scoot is lightly tuned as it is a daily driver. It has RAD Free Flow air filter and Aeromotive fuel regulator which can seamlessly be integrated to a NOS delivery system for further upgrades. The scoot is equipped with custom-machined front shocks and TTGR lowering shocks at the rear. The original handlebar was replaced with a much lighter but more rigid Heng two-tone handlebar paired with PZ Tech handlebar clamps risers. The scoot also sports Somjim flat seat racing saddles, genuine Heng gold bolts, Heng gold nuts, Heng gold bar ends, and Low Profile side mirrors. It is then finished off with a Lilac custom paint job.

“I would like to thank Mr. John Benedict Puyot, Joevany Gucela, Paps Joemon Cadampog, Chamba Workz, Kanthuthai parts and accessories, NorthSide Lowered, Under Nang Stance Culture Cebu, Midcoast Street Low, Tolo Family, Torres Family, and Stance Finest. Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine and InsideRACING Nation family for featuring my latest project,” expressed Jaypee.

Parts and Accesories Used

Moto 1 BBS type mags

Brembo PS16 brake master cylinder

RAD Free Flow air filter

IRC drag tires

TTGR lowering rear shocks

Somjin flat seat

Aeromotive fuel regulator

Heng gold bolts

Heng gold nuts

Heng two-tone handlebars

Heng gold bar ends

Low profile side mirrors

PZ Tech handler bar risers/clamps

MHR foot matting

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 18 Number 2 issue

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