Kanji-the Pink Prismatic Hyper Underbonefrom Sipalay City

Date posted on September 13, 2017
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This feature is about a “Millennium Japanese Underbone Bike-Inspired” Raider 150. The bike is owned by Lovely KailahLademora, a member of Suzuki Owners Club Team Pilipinas.

The bike is basically inspired by Japan’s underworld custom car culture,hence, they dubbed it “Kanji”. Staying true to its theme, they took on a Japanese approach on how they could make a dominant underbone such us the Raider stand out even more. So the crew behind it gave it a prismatic pink chrome finish just like the head turning Lambo’s or Domestic Supercars in Tokyo with their chrome body paint giving this prismatic effect when any kind of light strikes it. The team had the body covers undergo electro plating process to give it the pink prismatic chrome finish. From there they also chromed the entire bike chassis including the Racing Boy swing arm. The bike is hyper loaded with anodized orange Racing Boy parts and accessories such as handlebar, chain tensioner, hydraulic clutch and lever, axle cap, side mirrors, spooler, hand grips, bar ends, fluid tank, brake fluid tank holder, steering damper bracket front and rear, clutch arm, side stand, V3 Transformerrearset, chrome emblem, chrome swing arm and chain cover. For the bike’s suspension the team utilized Trusty front shocks and Racing Boy mono shock. To augment the bike’s stopping power they used Racing Boy 4 piston calipers, Racing Boy 300mm disc rotors at the front and 260mm Racing Boy disc rotors on the rear. To protect the bike, the team also installed Racing Boy frame sliders and frame covers.

The team behind the bike are the most trusted friends of Kailah specially the Suzuki Owners Club Sipalay Chapter and Team EkiongSy headed by Erickson Gaite ofDumaguete City. Their help was crucial in making the “Show Bike” build a success. The challenges faced by the team was the shipping and ordering of parts as they only used top of the line parts which would match their theme. The integration of the parts was also a challenge as they wanted all the components to adhere seamlessly to the overall concept of the bike. Kailah has this message to all that have helped her build her dream bike, “First and foremost I would like to thank God for all the grace and gifts that I am receiving, for letting me know and make friends with the key people who were really a part of my life now. A very big part of my journey in life is building my beloved Kanji which was just an ordinary underbone bike, and now after all the hard work my dream bike is complete. To my major sponsors Boss Erickson Gaite (EkiongSy) many thanks for the undying support through ups and downs. I’d also like to thank Sir Topher Chu of Mcmp Shop, Team Marlon’s, Racing Boy PH, DaengSai 4, Redspeed, SOC Sipalay Chapter, my beloved friends and ever loving family and my best team. One Force, One Goal, One Team – Team EkiongSy.

Thank you very much for the all-out support you have given me.”

  • Suzuki Raider 150
  • Racing Boy handlebar
  • Racing Boy chain tensioner
  • Racing Boy hydraulic clutch and lever
  • Racing Boy axle cap
  • Racing Boy sidemirror
  • Racing Boy spooler
  • Racing Boy grip
  • Racing Boy mono shock
  • Racing Boy bar end
  • Racing Boy caliper 4 piston front and rear
  • Racing Boy fluid tank
  • Racing Boy disc 300mm front
  • Racing Boy fluid tank holder
  • Racing Boy disc 260mm rear
  • Racing Boy steering damper
  • Racing Boy bracket front and rear
  • Racing Boy frame slider
  • Racing Boy clutch arm
  • Racing Boy frame cover
  • Racing Boy side stand
  • Racing Boy V3 transformer rearset
  • Racing Boy chrome emblem
  • Racing Boy swing arm chrome
  • Pink chrome fairings
  • Racing Boy chain cover
  • Chrome chassis and chrome parts
  • Trusty front shock
  • Mkn hub
  • Bkk rims
  • Uma quick throttle
  • Koso switch
  • Spsbrake hose
  • Led projector