Kawasaki back in PSBK for 2021!

Date posted on June 7, 2021
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Kawasaki officially returns to the Philippine Superbike Championships or PSBK stage, the top class of the National Motorcycles Racing Championship (MORAC) sanctioned by the Superbike Racing Association (SBRA) and organized by the Batangas Racing Circuit, Inc (BRCI).

The line up of Kawasaki racers includes PSBK Champion, Dashi Watanabe of the Kawasaki-FGM-WRD team who will be using a ZX-10 RR and a large group of Kawasaki supported Privateers. Other notable Kawasaki riders include Jason Park, Robert Matthew Ramos and Ralph Kennth Torres and possibly Clyde Relativo, Rizaldy Canare and Fritssy Claveria.

“Witness their exciting races at the start of the 2021 Racing Season on July 19, 2021 at the Clark International Speedway!” said Kawasaki Philippines on their announcement on social media over the weekend. The first round was moved from its original date of June 5-6 to June 19-20.

Photo by Maniniyot Lifestyle

Kawasaki has had many successes in PSBK for almost two decades with the legendary Jolet Jao and Raniel Resuello. Kawasaki also partnered with Richard Gutierrez and Wheelktek during RGutz PSBK campain in 2016.

Kawasaki also dominated the Pirelli Cup races for privateers for a number of years now with their Ninja line of sportbikes.

WRD Pirelli Cup Champions

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