Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Racer Custom Model & One-Make Race Announced

Date posted on April 3, 2020
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Kawasaki Racing thrilled enthusiasts as they announced last March 31 that Kawasaki Motors Japan has created a racer custom model of the new Ninja ZX-25R.

Powered by a 250cc class In-Line Four engine, the newest model in Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX supersport series offers high performance that customers will surely be enjoyed not only on the street, but also on the circuit. The new Ninja ZX-25R is set to go on sale in Japan this Autumn.

The custom racer model though, is not being offered for sale. It is created to illustrate the Ninja ZX-25R’s high circuit potential and the additional level of excitement it can deliver.

Here is the list of the Ninja ZX-25R racer custom model parts:

Cowling: A-TECH BLACK DIAMOND Racing Full cowling
Tail cowl: A-TECH BLACK DIAMOND Racing Seat cowling
Tank pad: A-TECH BLACK DIAMOND Racing Tank pad
Exhaust system: BEET NASSERT-R Evolution Type II (Race Prototype)
Chain: RK BL520R-XW
Sprocket: RK (painted version of Ninja ZX-25R standard equipment)
Front suspension: SHOWA (Ninja ZX-25R standard equipment with coated inner tubes) (Reference Part)
Rear suspension: SHOWA (Ninja ZX-10R part) (Reference Part)
Footpads: SNIPER rear sets
Brake lever: SNIPER 6-way adjustable, retractable brake lever
Clutch lever: SNIPER 6-way adjustable, retractable clutch lever
Lever guard: SNIPER carbon fibre guard

More information about aftermarket parts offered for sale can be found on the web sites of these manufacturers:

A-TECH http://www.a-tech.org
BEET http://www.beet.co.jp/
DUNLOP http://www.srigroup.co.jp/
RK http://www.rk-japan.co.jp/
SHOWA https://www.showa1.com/jp/index.html
SNIPER https://sniper.parts

Kawasaki Racing also announced that a one-make race series featuring the Ninja ZX-25R is being planned for 2021. Riders with and without racing experience will be accomodated in this fun event. A demo race event this Autumn is something to watch out for. Kawasaki Racing will update us with more details. They also clarified that the custom racer model is not an example of a machine that will be used in the one-make race series.

credit: Kawasaki Racing https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2997902343586653&id=355041661206081