Kawasaki SBK Champion Rea is happy after recent tests

Date posted on May 6, 2021
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Jonathan Rea:
“I am super-content with this test. We managed to tick everything off the list we had, which we prioritised with race simulations. I did one each day, at the time of day the races will be held – in fact we left them a little bit later, to the peak of the temperatures at 3pm. “

“We expect the race weekend will be a little bit hotter than it is now. We have a lot of good information about those. I used both rear tyre options, so we have a lot of good information. Step-by-step we worked some more on my riding, some electronic items. But, more so myself, getting a rhythm and understanding how the tyre behaves over a lot of laps and setting up electronic strategies to utilise during the race. “

“I want to thank the guys because they rebuilt the bike completely as we have been trying to understand where there has been some issues coming. So to rule everything out they have built me a completely new bike and they worked tirelessly. Kudos to all the team staff for this whole winter test programme. It has been very busy but I am looking forward to going to round one in a few weeks’ time and seeing where we stack up.”

According to some reports, the 6 times World Superbike champion was around 0.5 secs faster than KTM RC16 MotoGP ridden by test rider Dani Pedrosa at the Aragon test.

Image courtesy of KRT

Photo geebeeimages and KRT

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