Kunnoo Zing Honda Wave

Date posted on March 9, 2021
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Sometimes we love a bike so much that we embelish it with parts and modifications that costs more than a new bike.

An example is this classic Honda Wave from Thailand that was modified to the hilt for off roading by Kunnoo Zing.

Everything from the chassis, engine, body , wheels and tires were not left untouched or replaced with high-performance or aesthetic mods.

Everybody knowledgable about the modifications will know a fortune was spent on the parts and the total is surely double, if not triple than the cost of a new genuine off-road bike.

But that is what makes motorcycle ownership wonderful! To some it is not only a steed to ride but also a canvass to exercise creativity and ingenuity!

Do you have a bike which you have done similar mods to? Share below!

Enjoy and admire these images.

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