2018 KYMCO X-town 300i Touring Review : Scoot A Worthy Upgrade

Date posted on December 19, 2018
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The KYMCO X-Town 300i, with its redefined engine and better electronics, is an evolution of the 300cc segment in KYMCO’s line-up. After KYMCO dropped the People 300GT and Downtown 300i from its 2018 range of scooters, the X-Town 300i takes up the cudgels in KYMCO’s quest for a bigger global market share in this segment.


If you have been riding small scooters for a long time, we’re pretty sure at one point you have wished for one with a stronger engine but not necessarily a high displacement one that is expressway-legal. But then, the bike that we tested for our First Impression is in a class of its own.


Powered by a  275.6cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, the X-town 300i puts out roughly 23.2 hp at 8,000 rpm. The bike reaching 100 kph is very well and easy for anyone. Believe itor not, aside from testing it in the local roads of Batangas, we were even quite satisfied with its power when we tested it in BRC. While this is a significant shift in power when compared to the other KYMCO products such as the Super8 and Like 125,  the bike is truly at home in the open roads. Think long rides and weekend getaways. This is not to say that it can’t be used for your daily driving, though.



The engine is mated to an expectedly smooth CVT transmission. In terms of suspension, the 60.8-inch wheelbase gives us a more comfortable ride when traversing the highways. This also means that the scooter gave us a better experience in spite of the usual bumpy roads we encountered when riding it. The OEM shock absorbers pretty much did its job well and we were satisfied. The wet weight of 429 lbs should not in any way discourage you because even though maxi-scoots are generally heavy, most of the weight will be observed at the bottom part of the bike, still making the scoot well-balanced and user-friendly making it ultimately feel light. Switching from left to right on the track or on the street is easy to adjust if you are familiar with maxi-scoots but if you are coming from a lower displacement, a little bit of practice is needed, but don’t worry it doesn’t take much getting used to, considering it is a big bike after all.


Ergonomically Designed panel


The steel chassis aids in this too. Even though this baby is rated at 275.6cc, make no mistake about it, the physical size of it is fit for a regular-sized maxi-scoot – whatever standards you may have. It is comparable to the previous top of the line model here in the Philippines, which is the Xciting 400i. The X-Town sports a chunky 120/80-14F and 150/70-13R tires and is equipped with Bosch ABS, making those emergency stops and rainy rides a whole lot safer. A large 2-piston 240mm disc caliper, float-type 3-piston calipers, this one in 260mm, are also part of the package.


Front ABS Braking System


This bike is stacked with features and is worthy to be your upgrade. Being Euro-IV compliant means cleaner emissions and it would easily pass regulations. This maxi is branded under KYMCO’s Touring Series of scooters, and with that, it is quite obvious that they’ve taken this tag seriously. The huge windshield that this scooter carries protected our upper body from the strong headwinds we encountered in Batangas and in the racetrack. The bright dual headlight will surely aid you during those nighttime trips, while we give plus points to the X design of the tail light. The fuel tank is pegged at almost 13 liters, which means this maxi will give you at least 300 kilometers on a single gas up, and that could even rise depending on your riding habits and road conditions. On pure highway driving, going up to 350 kilometers on a single gas up is easy.


Aggressive Headlight  with LED

Stylish Designed LED Tail Lamp


Let’s talk about storage. We tried putting in a full faced Shoei plus another half face helmet in its underseat storage bin, and that thing just swallowed up those two helmets whole. Imagine all the things you can put in it if say, you will be going on a North Loop. Realistically, you might not even need a large topbox to be installed for you to have a comfortable long trip, saving you money in the long run. Speaking of the underseat compartment, there is a hydraulic lock forsafety, and we also noticed a mobile charger.


Underseat Compartment

Ergonomically Design Seat For Comfort


It also sports a combination of 2 analog meters at the front panel with a digital display in the middle. Important information including the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, clock, fuel, engine temperature, ambient temperature and voltage all available for the rider. While the X-Town 300i categorizes as a maxi-scoot, it is by no means in the same market at the Xciting 400i or the AK550. But bear in mind that it is a worthy upgrade most especially if you are coming from the small scooter segment. And with its price, a 275.6cc engine, ABS, and a bike that is a whole lot of fun than its price tag suggests, we say that it is very much worth it, and will be a serious contender, possibly a leader in this segment. Great job KYMCO!


This bike is stacked with features and is worthy to be your upgrade. Being Euro-IV compliant means cleaner emissions and it would easily pass regulations. This maxi is branded under KYMCO’s Touring Series of scooters, and with that, it is quite obvious that they’ve taken this tag seriously.


Al Camba “Liquid-cooled, ABS, EFI and 300cc – for a very good price! The KYMCO X-Town is very appealing. You’ll love the twin-maxi feel. I love the soft and comfy backrest seat. Plus it has a big compartment that could carry two helmets. I tried back riding and it’s too wide for me but it’s not an issue…still manageable. I think the handling is smaller than 300cc because it’s light. It’s like NMAX after 2 minutes of riding but their difference is the power. In Luzon, we have expressway issues with 300cc bikes but if you live up north and in Visayas and Mindanao, it’s not a big deal, plus they have smaller roads. Maybe when you ride on mountain roads, 125cc or 155cc bike will not be enough but the KYMCO X-Town is perfect for that. It’s like you’re riding a big bike – that’s the advantage! I’m impressed! Even though the seat is contoured a bit larger and you would think that it’s shallow and hard – it’s not. Actually, it’s very comfortable. For my 5’6 and a half height, the ergonomics is perfect. I haven’t notice the fuel consumption because I enjoyed the ride. Maybe in the future test we can monitor how fuel-efficient it is. But overall, the KYMCO X-Town for only 199K – it’s a killer price!”


Philip Bonza “The fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine is smooth and powerful.  It is a big scooter but its handling is so light and it is agile with good power delivery. Yes, not expressway-legal but for its power and performance, only the displacement is the issue. This model has a lot to offer. The seat is so soft and comfortable like seating on a sofa. The lower backrest indeed helps to make the rider feel more relaxed when riding. I want to ride more and tour outside the city and reach towns for its performance invites me. The ergonomics for my height of 5’11’’ is relaxing in the hands and butt, but not so in my legs due to the high floorboard, but when riding this X-Town, I can adjust my legs forward for a more relaxed and peaceful ride. The suspension plays nice for me and the brakes performed good too for its dual disc brakes with ABS. I think this model is designed to bring you far for its comfort and ability plus the huge under seat compartment size which can carry lots of stuff for  touring or for everyday office service. Overall design looks simple  and classy yet elegant in style. For me it offers premium feel and performance on a minimal price and that is the reason why I give 5 gear points to this X-Town model. “


Ricci Abrina  “Our test track is the Batangas Racing Circuit or simply BRC. We were given the whole day for testing this fine mid-sized Kymco X-Town 300i. The Kymco X-Town 300i is powered by a liquid-cooled 276cc thumper. I would imagine this 23 horsepower scooter has enough power to make it work on the highway, as well as around town. Although the EFI is smooth, at 6000 rpm on up and just below peak torque output, the little motor’s vibration is noticeable. I’ve always loved the mean-looking dual headlights on any scooter whether it be maxi or not – truly a head-turner. Riding in the dry or the wet, the windscreen provides ample protection. I wish it was adjustable, though. Equipped with a non-adjustable fork and twin shocks, the only adjustment is spring preload at the back to accommodate a passenger. The X-Town 300i has a comfortable ride, without sacrificing maneuverability or stability. The seat is wide and is on the harder side but is suitable for less taller people. As nimble as a scooter should be, the Kymco X-Town 300i doesn’t disappoint. One of the greatest strengths of the 300i is its maneuverability with its low center of gravity. A wheelbase just a fraction over 60 inches, the X-Town 300i turns on a dime. Despite that quality, it’s quite stable in the long straights of the racetrack. The brakes are balanced quite efficiently with the weight and speed of the maxi-scooter. The comfortable riding position is well suited for a wide variety of shapes and sizes and wide handlebars at a neutral height allow for an upright riding position.





*This article was published in InsideRACING’s Volume 16 Number 5  issue 2018.