LeisureVolution: A Kawasaki Night of Evolution

Date posted on February 23, 2024
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Kawasaki Motors Philippines takes center stage in a night of technical evolution, and explosive revolutions as Kawasaki Leisure Bikes celebrates its 15th year anniversary in the Philippines as the first and one of the prominent big bike manufacturers in the country.

428602431_776871474475985_2300116772826030523_n The event was held at the ballroom of Hilton Manila in Pasay City and was graced by executives not only from Kawasaki Motors Philippines, but also by executives from its widespread network of dealerships from all over the country.

428614584_776969054466227_2925324156433836283_n Kawasaki kicked off the evening by welcoming its guests to a facsimile of the newly improved Kawasaki Krib, which takes inspiration from the Kawasaki Plazas of Japan which was designed to stimulate all 5 senses and to serve not only as a store for the latest Kawasaki motorcycles, but to be a hub for all things related, from parts, service and original Kawasaki apparel.

428616501_776968841132915_6998158932918693369_n The evening itself was a celebration of everything that had made Kawasaki Leisure  Bikes the powerhouse that it is – particularly, its state-of-the-art motorcycles, its enthusiastic network of riders, and its highly supportive network of dealers. Technical evolutions were also unveiled over the course of the evening, particularly the release of new 2024 colors, special color and graphics for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Ninja brand, and new models that are sure to excite the riding community.

Launch of the 2024 Model Year Motorcycles

The evening had much to celebrate, starting off with the launch of the 2024 model year variants for several well-loved models, namely, the Ninja 650, Vulcan S, Versys 650 and the Z900SE.

With no price difference with the 2023 models, these new shades of Kawasaki Leisure Bike Models will be available starting the month of March 2024 all Kawasaki Krib nationwide.

Celebration of 40 Years of Ninja Heritage The launch of the 2024 models was soon followed by the celebration of the release of special, limited edition color and graphics that aims to replicate the legendary livery of the 1991 Ninja ZXR-7 which was well known for its tri-colored shades during its successful stints in winning 12 AMA superbike championships and winning the FIM Endurance World Championships three years in a row.

428625917_776921304471002_6339223070560003783_n The 40th anniversary of the Ninja brand celebrates the launch of the 1984 GPZ900R, which was the first model to receive the now iconic “Ninja” moniker. Made famous through its use on the film “Top Gun”, since its launch, the word Ninja has been synonymous with speed and power.

428611593_776968894466243_6003203000795367237_n In celebration of its sports riding heritage, Kawasaki’s main flagship models, the Ninja ZX-4RR, the Ninja ZX-6R and the Nina ZX-10R. These are available with limited stocks only, starting the month of March 2024 at all Kawasaki Krib nationwide. Introducing Kawasaki’s first 500 Motorcycles Capping off the first part of the evening’s multi-evolution was the reveal of the newest members of the Kawasaki family – Kawasaki’s 500 series – the Eliminator, the Ninja 500, the Z500, and their special edition variants.

428606446_947586043397590_2271753220023661058_n Kawasaki’s introduction of the 500 series variants in categories with the most riding populations comes with the growing trend for higher displacement engines, even for the entry level motorcycle enthusiast. With the introduction of these new models, Kawasaki Motors Philippines aims to provide riders with the most exciting riding experience without having to sacrifice speed or power.

428617642_776921981137601_1544874611988258732_n 428629194_947586310064230_6837539577491488354_n Eliminator series are currently available to all Kawasaki Krib nationwide, while Ninja 500 and Z500 series will be available starting the month of March 2024.

428626719_777042864458846_4390421822403707639_n Kawasaki Launches their First EV Motorcycles As the first Japanese manufacturer in the Philippines to officially introduce EV motorcycles to the Philippine market, Kawasaki had three considerations in designing their newest machines: Environmentally Friendly, Easy and Everyday Use.

428598295_776926847803781_8273872054737052547_n With the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1, Kawasaki has clearly shown that good times are not limited to traditional combustion machines and can easily be accessible to a wide range of riders, especially first-time owners. Both models will be available in limited stocks only, around March 2024 at all Kawasaki Krib nationwide. Prices of both models to be announced soon as well as the accessories such as Batteries and Chargers.

428623462_776968487799617_2843573988808400844_n The evening was capped off with a celebratory toast and kanpai from none other than Kawasaki Motors Philippines President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Isao Sudo, together with Vice Chairman, Mr. Raul Jay Manglapus III, and the representatives from the Kawasaki Leisure Bike dealer network.

428619540_776871727809293_7338170701419018917_n All models launched from the LeisureVolution event will be available around March 2024 through Kawasaki Kribs nationwide, so watch out for updates and announcement through the Kawasaki Social Media Channels.

credit: Kawasaki Motors Philippines

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