LMFI’s Ride Thru Pantry hailed

Date posted on May 3, 2021
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Luzon Motorcyclist Federation, Inc. (LMFI) and its Secretary Miss “Love-Love” Tengsico Tioseco organized a community pantry last Friday exclusively for food delivery riders on two wheels (motorcycles and bicycles).

The unique “ride thru” community pantry was held at the ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines located along Jupiter St. in Makati City at around 11:00 AM. The system of ride thru ensured an orderly cue or riders while complying with social distancing protocols.

Luzon Motorcyclist Federation, Inc. (LMFI) and its Secretary Miss “Love-Love”  Tengsico Tioseco

Donations came mainly from riders and clubs namely LMFI, Club 200, ATAT, Vulcan Riders Philippines, Pinoy Ninja Club, Wheeltek, The Like Club Philippines, Roadsport Philippines, Honda Riders Club and many more.

The event was so orderly and successful, it attracted the attetion of major mainstream media like GMA News, Philippine Star and many others. It was even hailed by MMDA’s Col. Bong Nebrija.

Thanks to the efforts of LMFI and Ms. Teoseco, motorcycle riders are once again positively mentioned in the media.

“Our humple pantry is here for a cause, not for the applause and to express, not to impress. Thank you to all our sponsors, donors, partners and LMFI members for all the support,” said Ms. Teoseco.

LMFI Secretary
Miss “Love-Love” Tengsico Tioseco (center)

Mabuhay kayo sa LMFI! and we hope many similar ride thru community pantries are held in the future in other areas to help those delivery riders that are essential to keep the economy running during this pandemic.

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