Louie Reyes Quenching Thirst for Speed

Date posted on March 22, 2021
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Many racers started out their careers riding pocketbikes. It’s definitely enjoyable to see youngsters and their small bikes in a fun competition.

But there are adults racing pocketbikes too and one of them is Louie Reyes, a musician from Manila. The pocketbike adult class is always entertaining as participants enjoy the challenge of handling a small bike.

Louie has watched an Indonesian pocketbike race and gained interest when he bought a pocketbike unit in 2015. The Repsol Road Race series then had a pocketbike category and Louie participated with the help of Mr. Carlo Ramirez. He also joined the Ascent Invitational Cup pocketbike class. Louie was hailed as the 2018 Repsol Road Race Pocketbike Adults Overall Champion.

The 37-year-old dreams to compete and represent the country in race events where the pocketbike adult category is recognized. Louie aims to participate in local and international races. Aside from racing, Louie is also into computer gaming and arts.

Louie is thankful to Rudy Garcia of Road Runner Philippines, Carlo Ramirez, Uriel Donayre, Job Atienza and Lawrence Sepe of Pocketbike Philippines, Arnold Galzote and Dervin Torres.

“The sport is very exciting, extreme and amusing. It’s never too late to quench your thirst for speed. Race with aggression and with passion,” expressed Louie who describes himself as an aggressive and technical rider. His racing idols are Filipino pride Masato Fernando and French racer Fabio Quartararo.

Truly, it is never too late to pursue your passion just like Louie Reyes who keeps on dreaming and doing one of the things that he loves which is racing.

photos provided by Louie Reyes

This feature was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 19 Number 1 issue

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