Low Rider Modern Classic Street Cub by Mugna

Date posted on October 13, 2021
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This Honda C70 Low Rider Modern Classic Street Cub built by Mugna based in Mandaue City. The man behind Mugna is Jerry Jones Torillas who also works for Revolt Cycles.

“I started to build this bike last 2020 when the pandemic hit our country. It was really hard to find some of the parts for this bike because most of the shops are closed or if you can find any shops that are open, they also have limited stocks, so I really needed to be resourceful and creative for this build project. I chose this concept because the owner of this bike is a fan of stance or low rider bikes and I thought this would be a perfect fit for his profile,” said Jerry.

For this project, Jerry worked on it alone. It was his side project under “Mugna”, his own shop at home. During the course of this project, he was really excited to go home as he worked on it every day. He also worked on the project during his day off and spare time. It has always been his dream of having his own shop. Jerry narrated, “When I was 15 years old, I always dreamt to have my own bike. When my father gave his first motorbike to me that’s when I started to modify my own bike and learned to fabricate stuff and then I realized that my heart belongs to modifying motorbikes. That’s how I got started with Mugna. It was also a dream come true for me when my friend Jon Kevin Yu decided to let me join Revolt Cycles. I got a chance to work on multiple motorbikes with unique concepts.”

The bike sports a custom-machined MTB handlebar and clamp. It was then fitted with classic hand grips and bar end side mirrors. One of the special features of the bike is that it uses bar end turn signals and Jerry integrated it into the front forks and rear shocks. The end result was clean-looking and streamlined turn signals for the front and rear. The engine was also converted to 110 cc. The Cub uses C100 headlight, custom-made leather seat, custom-made exhaust pipe and custom tail light with side license plate holder. The Cub also uses Swallow tires (front and rear) and finally, it features a custom paint job (off-white color with classic stripes).

“I would like to thank Boots Brandon C. Pajaganas of Redeemed Tattoo for trusting Mugna to build his dream bike and my friend Jon Kevin Yu of Revolt Cycles for extending his help and lending some parts for the bike. Shoutout to my family who’s always there to support me and my Revolt Team for helping me out. Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my latest build project,” Jerry shared.

Parts and Accessories Used:

– stock frame

– modified engine converted to 110cc

– custom-machined MTB handlebar and clamp

– C100headlight

– bar end signal lights integrated with the front forks and rear shocks

– bar end side mirrors

– Swallow tires (front and rear)

– custom leather seat

– custom stainless steel pipe

– custom rear and front shocks

– tail light with side plate holder

– classic hand grips

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 19 Number 7 issue

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