LTO issues MVIS MEMO, not mandatory anymore

Date posted on March 1, 2021
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Last February 11, the newly implemented “Motor Vehicle Inspection System”(MVIS) was ordered by the Malacañang and President Rodrigo Duterte to be “NOT” mandatory.

Hindi na po mandatory ang MVIS, ibig sabihin, kinakailangan walang bagong singil para sa pagpaparehistro ng mga sasakyan” – Pres. Duterte said during a Palace Press Briefing.

The MVIS is an automated 73-point inspection system and is conducted in three(3) stages using-State-of-the-art Equipments that automatically sends the inspection results to the Land Transportation Office’s IT system. Meanwhile, in the old process, roadworthiness is done via visual inspection and by emmision testing machines.

Upon first approval of the MVIS, the previous fee was 1,800Php for private vehicles with GVW(Gross Vehicle weight) is equal or more that 4500kg and 900Php for “re-inspection fee” incase you failed the first time and 600Php for motorcycles and tricycles with a 300Php re-inspection fee.

Photo from BMW Motorrad Cebu

You can still use the new MVIS if you are going to renew your registration rather than the old inspection procedure if you are opting for a more in-depth information that you can learn from your vehicle. 

LTO has released a memorandum for the Discontinuance of the mandatory MVIS testing and revised Inspection fee.

Source PNA

Photos from LTO, BMW Motorrad Cebu