Mariano Axel Nocom: Motorsports Protégé

Date posted on April 20, 2021
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8-year-old Mariano Axel Nocom is a versatile young rider who pursues his dreams while enjoying each experience in motorsports.

This kid from Davao/Manila is into go kart racing, online simulator racing and motocross. At a young age, he values discipline and consistency in his ventures into the exciting field he chose.

Axel started karting at age 5 using a 50cc bambino kart and since there is no kart racing here in the country for that age, he decided to learn flat track dirt bike riding with renowned coach Mel Aquino and Jhieriel del Rosario using the Yamaha PW50. Axel’s dad Mike got him a PW50 for Christmas before he was 6 years old.

This protégé is currently the Philippine champion in both Minirok 2-stroke and Honda 4-stroke under 12 category. Axel was also featured in the TV show Little Big Shots when he was aged 5. Axel is the youngest Asian online simulator racer and the only person below 15 to take a top 3 spot in Asian Eracing.

Axel has participated in all flat track races organized by Mel Aquino in 2018 where he got 2nd in the overall in the 5 to 6 years old category. He joined all races at the MX Messiah Fairgrounds track and won the 2018 PW50 motocross 5 to 6 years old class overall championship title.

He only started training with coach Tofu Guzman and will be guided by uncle Mitch Li for the Ohvale as there was lockdown for most of 2020, so motocross tracks were closed. Axel’s family decided for him to ride Ohvale for the remainder of 2020 in preparation to race when it is allowed again.

Locally, Axel follows TJ Alberto for circuit bikes as well as his racer friends Jolo Suba and Alfonsi Daquigan. He is inspired by motocross riders Hayden Deegan and Jaydin Smart. In karting, his idols are Freddie Slater and Arvid Linblad both from the UK. In online simulator racing, he follows Brendon Leigh, Luis Moreno, Terrence Llave and Oliver Aquino.

This youngster is not dreaming to be an F1 driver or a MotoGP rider someday but he hopes that Philippine motorsports in general will someday be at par with those abroad so more Filipinos can enjoy safe and competitive racing. As a racer, Axel dreams of somehow being able to race with the big names abroad regardless if he win or lose. It’s always the experience that counts.

“I would like to thank my coaches Sam Tamayo (MX on a KTM50), Mel Aquino (flat track), Jhieriel del Rosario (flat track on a PW50), Tofu Guzman (circuit bike on an Ohvale) and Richard Peek (karting) for the patience, my mechanics Jerick Suba, James Miano and Michael Fernando for prepping my bikes and karts, my parents for the never ending support and God for keeping me safe. For kids and parents who want to get into motorsports, always invest in complete and the best protective gear. Also as you begin your journey into motorsports, do not cut corners and hire a good coach. Motorsports is always dangerous but with proper gears and training, it will also teach you discipline and decision making,” shared Axel.

As a rider and racer Axel’s concept is not about the time, it’s about consistency and avoiding mistakes. He is a chaser where he is always faster when he is in 2nd or 3rd. He is always determined to win but not at the expense of not enjoying because of too much pressure. “My parents do not pressure me to win but to always do my best and make the right decision,” he added.

With his passion, discipline and great mentors, Mariano Axel Nocom is indeed one to watch out for in the coming years.

photos provided by Mike Nocom

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 19 Number 2

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