Marinduque Klasiko Bonded by Friendship and Fun

Date posted on July 21, 2021
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Established in June 27, 2020, Marinduque Klasiko aims to promote ecotourism in their island. Its members are advocates of road safety.

Members met thru facebook and they have a group chat of classic motor owners in Marinduque. Now, they became a group bonded by friendship. Marinduque Klasiko currently has 25 active members and their number is still growing.

Scramblers, Café Racers, Classic or Vintage bikes, Crusier bikes, Modern Classic bikes, Bobbers and Custom bikes are owned and ridden by members of Marinduque Klasiko.

Activities that the group has done and supported so far were charity relief operations, medical (optical) missions and DSWD Bayanihan Project. They have also participated in the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and Marinduque Unity Rides. The group had river crossing fun rides, bike nights, tambike, beach moto, light trails and family camp ride activities.

Marinduque Klasiko has no officers. Decisions are made by majority and they are bonded by friendship and fun. To join them, one must have a valid Driver’s License and attend 2 social gatherings and 2 major rides of the group.

Future plans and activities of the group are to stay classy, enjoy the rides and continue helping and supporting community service.

Ride safe sa mga Master Idol ng Marinduque Klasiko!

details and photos provided by Lic Manta

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 5

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