Marlboro MotoGP-inspired Honda Wave Dash

Date posted on August 28, 2021
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This Honda Wave Dash show bike is inspired by the Ducati Corse MotoGP team back in early 2000’s wherein Marlboro has been the title sponsor.

This was before the European Union passed a law banning advertising of tobacco sponsorships; hence, major teams have withdrawn from relationships with tobacco companies. During this period, the team featured riders Troy Bayliss and Loris Capirossi who finished fourth in the final championship standings and Bayliss placed sixth while Ducati finished second overall in the Manufacturers’ standings.

The bike is owned by Aslani Serad Solaiman, a businessman based in Zapatera Street Cebu City. Aslani is a proud member of the CDOC (Cebu Dash Owners Club). He traces his love for modifying motorcycles when he joined CDOC. The club was very active in joining motorcycle events such as conventions, biker rallies, and motor shows where he got to witness various modified bikes of all makes and displacements. This inspired him to build a show bike of his own.

The bike sports a wide array of Racing Boy, Bikers and THDM parts and accessories starting with the custom brake system which now features front and rear disk brake. It uses RCB master cylinders, RCB disk rotors, RCB brake levers, RCB 4 piston brake calipers at the front and Brembo caliper at the rear. The bike also has RCB hand grips, RCB side mirrors, original Thai bolts and Option 1 rear set. For the suspension, it uses YSS shocks at the rear and Option1 shocks at the front. To protect the bike from crashes, it features Bikers axle sliders, Bikers exhaust shield and custom carbon fiber pattern frame sliders. It also sports Bikers inner tube protectors, Bikers fluid line guides and Bikers racing saddles. To further add detail and contrasting colors to the bike, Aslani and his mechanic also installed carbon fiber body panels to key parts of the bike to emulate the color combinations of the MotoGP bike and  further enhance the custom-made Marlboro MotoGP decals.

“Special shoutout to my barkada, especially my group #CDOC Cebu Dash Owners Club, Long live! Shoutout to my friend Earl Cortes for inspiring me to modify my bike, I was really impressed with his modified bike and it inspired me to build my own. Thank you to my mechanic Earl Go Lucena for helping me build my bike. Thank you to the InsideRACING Magazine family for featuring my bike. Thank you for continuing to inspire bike modifiers like me. More power to InsideRACING Nation,” Aslani shared.

Parts and Accessories Used

RCB master cylinders

RCB disk rotors

RCB brake levers

RCB 4 piston brake calipers (front)

Brembo brake caliper (rear)

RCB hand grips

RCB side mirrors

Original Thai bolts

Option 1 rear set

YSS shocks (rear)

Option1 shocks (front)

Bikers axle sliders

Bikers exhaust shield

custom carbon fiber pattern frame sliders

Bikers inner tube protectors

Bikers fluid line guides

Bikers racing saddles

Akana carbon fiber body panels

custom hydro dip components by Pentz Hrydographics

custom-made Marlboro MotoGP decals

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 6

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