IR Update: Mascardo in Top 10 for Race 1 Suzuki Asian Challenge

Date posted on December 5, 2015
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20151205_134257_wm Rellosa got a good start and moved up a few places but unfortunately a rider ran him wide and off the track and he fell behind. The trio of Team Suzuki Pilipinas riders were battling in the second group with Japanese Saito and Malaysian Yazid. Mascardo also started well and was involved in an intense battle with Yazid and was able to take him inside the first corner with a lap to go but by then Saito wa long gone. Mascardo finished the race in the top 10 again in 9th place  and strengthening his position in the top 10 overall point standings. Rellosa and Borbon rode steadily to finish in 12th and 11th respectively. 20151205_141314_wm Meanwhile, the first group of 7 riders broke away early from the pack. In the end, it was 20yr old Indonesian Dedi Kurniawan who took victory while Thai Patis Chooprathet originally finished 3rd but was penalised and dropped to 4th. ( Both Kurniawan and Chooprathet have competed in IRGP in the past). 2015 SAC Champion Patis Chooprathet RACE 1 Results: 20151205_160526