Minions-inspired Yamaha Vega Force from Consolacion Cebu

Date posted on September 19, 2017
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Yamaha Vega Force with a Minions theme. Everybody loves the Minions. Those funny, quirky and loyal creatures that went mainstream after making their mark in the animated movies Despicable Me 1 & 2 and their very own spin off movie Minions has been a big hit among moviegoers from all ages so it was no surprise that the film has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide.
The bike is owned by Jon Malinao a businessman from Consolacion Cebu. He wanted the bike to sport a robotic structure but with a hint of Minions. “My kids really love the Minions, so I chose it to be my overall theme,” said Jon who has always been fascinated by motorcycles, that’s why he always attends motor shows to check out the latest modifications and trends.

At first he was contented to be a spectator until his friend from YRT Racing invited him to participate in the first Mayor Teresa Alegado Motor show in SM Consolacion. Jon Narrates, “I didn’t win at that time because I was relatively a newbie, I had no idea how to prepare for shows like that.” Ever since then Jon and his team has been participating in motor shows all over Cebu. His team has been hard at work in preparing the bike and making sure that it continues to evolve and improve every time it competes. So far they have been on a roll bagging trophy after trophy in the shows they have been joining in.
“As a bike enthusiast you want to make your bike unique. You have to make your bike stand out from the rest. You have to keep on customizing your bike every now and then and be updated with the latest parts and trends,” Jon added. Joining motor shows has allowed me to meet new friends and learn from my fellow bike builders who share the same passion in modifying motorcycles.
The bike which was a collaboration between Team Celmal and Mr. Raceling of RPM Motorworks, sports a Bikers adjustable handle bar, Bungbonquick throttle, Option 1 side mirrors, Yokohama Rims, Bikers rear carrier, Racing Boy plate holder and custom-made twin exhaust. For the suspension the Team used Trusty front shocks and TTGR Rear shocks. For the braking system, the team really got creative with this aspect as the bike sports twin disk rotors at the front and twin disk rotors at the back all using Racing Boy calipers and rotors.
The custom twin exhaust has Bikers heat shield. The engine is also a super stock engine with MTRT goodies inside. The body cover was custompaintedtogether with the seat done by CocoiFranco Jagape. The bike is also built like a circuitbike in terms of slide protection as it sports Bikers Engine sliders, axle sliders, frame sliders. Majority of the parts had to be custom-machined to fit the bike and mount points had to be custom-made by the team.
Jon has this message to all that supported him in building his bike, “I would like to thank my friends Robert de Jesus Blanco, ZenelMendiola, Archie “Chicol” Lamberte and my ever supportive family, Cebu Pro Elite Bikes Group, Mr. Cocoi Franco Jagape, and InsideRacing Magazine for this opportunity.


Yamaha Vega Force

  • Handle grip – Bikers
  • Rear seat – Option1
  • Caliper – Racing Boy
  • Disc plate – Racing Boy
  • Rims – Yokohama
  • Brake lever – Racing Boy
  • Side mirror – Option1
  • Engine cover – Bikers
  • Plate holder – Racing Boy
  • Exhaust pipe cover – Bikers
  • Carrier – Bikers
  • Axle cap – Bikers
  • Tensioner – Racing Boy
  • Outer tube – Trusty
  • Swing arm – Option1
  • Shock absorber – Option1
  • Rear shocks – TTGR
  • Adjustable handlebar – Bikers
  • Custom-made twin exhaust