MMDA appeal to riders to bring raincoats

Date posted on April 26, 2021
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MMDA’s Bong Nebrija appealed on social media to riders who seeks shelters under MRT Sations, footbridges, overpasses and flyovers whenever it rains, creating road obstructions and creating unpleasant traffic.

“Is your travel delayed northbound? Well we are trying to clear these riders who sought shelter underneath MRT Stations, Flyovers and Footbridges. These are common scenes every time rain suddenly falls, ” posted Nebrija.

“Sa mga riders who are doing this please be responsible and do not obstruct the road for your own convenience. Take secondary roads or gasoline stations to put on your raincoats or if you really wanna weather it out please do not do it sa Edsa mismo, nakakahiya naman po sa ibang road users na maabala, ” he added.

He used the  #KapoteRiders to stress his message.

We fully agree with him. Riders should be prepared for sudden downpours during this time of the year.

If you forgot your raincoats , we recommend stashing cheap disposable plastic ponchos in your underseat compartments.They are small and compact you can store 3 or 4 pcs. You can actually use them more than once. They are available in hardware stores and online. A quick search on line and you can even get one for as low as P19! In our neighboring Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia this is a common practice.

Just be aware and ride accordingly at a safe speed and make sure your poncho does not get entangled with your chain and wheels or impede your controls. Riding slow is still better than waiting it out and being an irritant to other motorists.

Always ride safe in the rain!

Photo source Bong Nebrija

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