Date posted on July 29, 2015
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After a good opening last June, the Shell Advance InsideRACING Cup Series went back to the Carmona Race Track last 26th of July for its much anticipated second leg. It was another well supported event, both by riders and race fans and it was indeed a great and thrilling day for racing supremacy and glory.

Honda one make races featuring the BeAT and Dash models were once again well participated by beginner, novice and intermediate riders. Maiko Adapon of Team ASV dominated the Honda BeAT race and  Maico Buncio Foundation’s young riders Amber Torres, the victor in the first leg, and Leandro Paredes joined him in the podium.

Maiko Adapon – winner of the Honda BeAT race









Honda BeAT Winners copy

Mr. Elmer Pecayo of Honda Philippines and Ms. Hedda Damasco of Pilipinas Shell with Honda BeAT winners (L-R) Amber Torres, Maiko Adapon and Leandro Paredes











Just like in the first round, Niel Jan Centeno who is also part of the Maico Buncio Foundation won the Honda Dash category again. Ellijah Olayvar and Fritsy Claveria clinched the second and third place.

Honda Dash grid









Honda Dash category winners – (L-R) Ellijah Olayvar, Niel Jan Centeno and Fritsy Claveria










A new one make class featuring the Yamaha YZF-R15 added to the excitement ofIR Cup’s second leg. It was a highly anticipated race as intermediate and expert riders battled out for the checkered flag. In the end, Team Yamaha-Spec V showed their strength again with a 1-2-3 finish spearheaded by John Emerson Inguito while James Mendez and Masato Fernando took the other podium spots.

RA6_4335 copy

IR’s Mr. Al Camba with Mr. Jordan Cornista and Mr. Kaoru Ogura of Yamaha Motor Philippines and Mr. Charlie Ong of Team Yamaha-Spec V










RA6_4350 copy

Yamaha YZF-R15 grid









RA6_3469 copy

John Emerson Inguito of Yamaha-Spec V









Yamaha R15 Winners copy

Yamaha YZF-R15 class winners (L-R) James Mendez, John Allen Mendez (receiving the trophy in behalf of John Emerson Inguito) and Masato Fernando










Alan Suansing emerged victorious again in the KOSO DOHC Cup which had more participants this time. Jackson Braganza finished second and Mickey Mazo settled for third place.

RA6_4212 copy

KOSO Cup race. Alan Suansing leading.









KOSO Cup Winners copy

KOSO Cup winners – (L-R) Jackson Braganza, Alan Suansing and Mickey Mazo

It was another exhilarating race in the FDR 4V Automatic Cup until the final stage of the race. Masato Fernando delighted Team Yamaha-Spec V with a win. MTRT’s Paul Mark Doblada finished second and third place went to Zebra-Pertua-MTRT-MLW rider Dustin Esguerra.

RA6_4555 copy

Masato Fernando crossing the finish line first in the FDR 4V Automatic Cup to the delight of the Yamaha-Spec V Racing Team










FDR Cup Winners copy

FDR 4V Automatic Cup winners – (L-R) Paul Mark Doblada, Masato Fernando and Dustin Esguerra










Fernando was indeed remarkable in the second round as he also grabbed the victory in the 150 Open Underbone class, another much awaited class joined by expert underbone riders. Second placer was Fernando’s teammate John Emerson Inguito and third placer was Sum Racing’s Herbert Lopez.

RA6_4655 copy

Masato Fernando taking the first place in the 150 Open Underbone class. Behind him, John Emerson Inguito, Herbert Lopez and James Mendez battled out for the other podium spots.











150 UB Winners copy

150 Open Underbone winners – (L-R) John Allen Mendez (receives the trophy of John Emerson Inguito), Masato Fernando and Herbert Lopez











The victory may have slipped him in the FDR 4V Automatic race, but Team Takeshi’s Cassey Ng still went away with a win after his dominance in the 160 Automatic Elite category featuring top scooter riders. Dustin Esguerra crossed the finish line second and KOSO rider Vrei-ar Suba claimed the third place.

Cassey Ng leading the 160 Automatic Elite class









160 AT Elite Winners copy

160 Automatic Elite winners – (L-R) Dustin Esguerra, Cassey Ng and Vrei-ar Suba











In the other 160cc Automatic race which for beginner, novice and intermediate riders, Yezaroo’s Michael Cortez came out triumphant. Eane Jaye Sobretodo of the Maico Buncio Foundation and Gulf Racing’s Romer Corbe settled for second and third.

160 Automatic grid









160 AT Winners copy

160 Automatic class winners – (L-R) Eane Jaye Sobretodo, Michael Cortez and Romer Corbe










James Amporias was the winner in the 115 Open Underbone race. Lorenz Villanueva, his teammate in Liquimoly-YY Pang-RK-Nibbi Racing Team, finished second while Carlo Calderon ended up at third place.

115 Open Underbone winners – (L-R) Carlo Calderon, James Amporias and Lorenz Villanueva










Top 1-MBF-YRS lady rider Jacq Buncio  was once again the victor in the 135 2V Backbone class. The 180 Open Backbone category on the other hand had a new winner as Rafael Lance Ortiz topped the said group. Barney Buncio placed second while Lorenz Villanueva who won in the first leg finished third this time.

RA6_4570 copy

Mixed Backbone (135 2V and 180 Open) class









135 BB Winner copy

Jacq Buncio – 135 2V Backbone class winner












180 BB Winners copy

180 Open Backbone winners – (L-R) Barney Buncio, Rafael Lance Ortiz and Lorenz Villanueva

The 2015 Shell Advance InsideRACING Cup Series is sanctioned by USRA (Unified Sports and Racing Association) for Motorcycles. The third and final round will be held on October 18 also at the Carmona Race Track.

More details and pictures in InsideRACING’s Volume 13 Number 9 issue.