MotoGP and Gundam Red Kai-inspired Yamaha Sniper

Date posted on April 28, 2021
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The bike is owned by Jerome Bolo Lastimado, a marine engineer and seafarer since 2001 working in orient overseas container line of a Hongkong-based shipping company.

The Gundam Red Kai is the upgraded version of the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame developed and piloted by Lowe Guele. It first appeared in the photo series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray.”Kai” is the Japanese word which means “modified” so it was a fitting theme to this heavily modified show bike. Going further into the Gundam mobile suit, the Red Kai has been a heavy favorite among Gunpla enthusiasts for its unique, stylish and functional design not to mention its super cool factor of wielding double katana’s packaged into a highly efficient tactical mobile suit.

The bike projects a robotic feature, its design layout for the decals and color combination was meant to emulate the aggressive design of the Gundam Red Kai.

“I started modifying my bike when I saw my brother’s modified bike. It was so well built and conceptualized that it inspired me to do the same for my Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi. My brother Giovanni Bolo helped me in setting up and building my show bike. He was fond of Gundams since we were kids so we decided to adapt the theme to one of the iconic and popular versions of Gundam the Red Kai. We both love MotoGP so basically it’s a fusion of both,” Jerome explained.

The bike sports a wide array of Bikers parts and accessories such as the license plate holder, allen cap, axle sliders, muffler tip, muffler heat guard, helmet hook, hose clip, outer tube guard, and fluid tank cover. It has Racing Boy accessories such as the oil filter cover, swing arm, mono shock, brake lever, chain guard, fork stabilizer, rear seat, brake fluid tank, fluid tank holder, and sprocket cover. The bike is also loaded with various THDM Parts and accessories such as K-tech brake hose front, K-tech brake hose rear, Rizoma crankcase cover, Rizoma ignition key cover, Rizoma bar end, Rizoma mud guard, Option 1 side mirror, Option 1 camel back seat, Seven speed oil holder, Muttaro mag wheels, Mody5 big disc, TTGR outer tube, Shark chrome visor, chrome center stand, Mody5 sprocket set, Brembo caliper front & rear, Earl hose breather, KOSO digital voltmeter, UMA Racing muffler, Pirelli tires, Yayamanin crankcase bolt set, Muttaru brake hose clip and Yamaha transparent crankcase cover.

“The most challenging aspect of building this show bike was looking for the parts and accessories that would go well with the overall theme and concept. It was very hard to find them in Cebu. It was a good thing being a seaman since I always went to Manila for training, so during the weekends I spend most of my time in Caloocan just to find the right accessories. Some accessories that we got were not designed for the Sniper 150 so we did a lot of custom-machining to integrate it into the bike. The Bikers muffler tip for instance was designed for a sport bike so we had to make modifications to the stock exhaust canister to be able to integrate the tip,” Jerome added.

“I would like to thank my brother Giovanni Bolo who helped me build my bike. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been very supportive especially during show bike competitions. Thank you and more power to InsideRACING Magazine for this opportunity to be featured,” shared Jerome.

Parts and Accessories Used:

Bikers plate holder

Bikers allen cap

Bikers axle sliders

Bikers muffler tip

Bikers muffler heat guard

Bikers helmet hook

Bikers hose clip

Bikers outer tube guard

Bikers fluid tank cover

Yamaha transparent crankcase cover

Racing Boy oil filter cover

Racing Boy swing arm

Racing Boy mono shock

Racing Boy brake lever

Racing Boy chain guard

Racing Boy fork stabilizer

Racing Boy rear seat

Racing Boy brake fluid tank

Racing Boy fluid tank holder

Racing Boy sprocket cover

K-tech brake hose front

K-tech brake hose rear

Rizoma crankcase cover

Rizoma ignition key cover

Rizoma bar end

Rizoma mud guard

Option 1 side mirror

Option 1 camel back seat

Seven speed oil holder

Muttaro mag wheels

Mody5 big disc

TTGR outer tube

Shark chrome visor

Chrome center stand

Mody5 sprocket set

Brembo caliper front & rear

Earl hose breather

KOSO digital voltmeter

UMA Racing muffler

Pirelli tires

Yayamanin crankcase bolt set

Muttaru brake hose clip

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