Motorcycle Must-haves this Summer

Date posted on March 25, 2021
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Every year is getting hotter in the Philippines and with summer just around the corner, most motors and motorists are at risk of heat damage. For motor beginners and frequent riders, now is the last call for some heat resistant maintenance.

A top tip from local motor experts is to make sure your to change your battery with one more appropriate for tropical climates. Overheating can cause a good motor to shut down in the middle of the road and can even lead to sudden accidents amongst riders.

Easily, the most reliable and well-known heat-proof battery is from Amaron. Amaron Zero Battery maintenance line is built to last. That’s why their tagline is “Lasts long, really long”. With high-heat technology, this battery can take the worst summer day and get you to that colder destination quickly. The maintenance line comes in 5 batteries: Pro, Hi Life, Go, Pro Bike Rider, and Hi-Way. Learn more about these different types through our trusted motor product Specialist: Marketall Trade Specialist Inc.

Just message them on Facebook @Marketalltradespecialistinc with your bike model and they can introduce you to the only motor battery youll ever need to conquer the Philippine roads.

The next product is for the riders. The heat waves can turn one 15 minute ride into a sweat bath and leave a lot of riders mabaho right before they report to work or even go on a date. VS1, a go-to companion for motor maintenance has made a brand-new product for the upkeep of the rider themself: VS1 Refresh.

VS1 Refresh comes in a pocket-size aerosol can perfect for on-the-go. VS1 Refresh works as a deodorizer, killing all bacteria built-up by sweaty rides. It can be sprayed on helmets, gloves, and jackets for that instant freshness.

Marketall’s 10 year anniversary sale is happening now until March 31, 2021. Get the best out of each ride with premium parts and accessories from only the best.

Click on this link to browse through their full line of online motor products and follow them for updates on



credit: Marketall

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