Motul – IRGPXIV MotoIR2 and MotoIR3 Class Sponsor

Date posted on March 11, 2022
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Engineering limitations had started to fade when Motul started its very first enterprise in 1853. Motul did not simply aim to create the right oil for the right purpose, Motul aimed to harness the knowledge gained at every step and use it to its ultimate potential by gathering together the most ingenious innovations. Constantly exercising its right to invent, Motul displays a dedication to the best, from its suppliers, through its innovation to its clients. From Pennsylvania’s first oil rig to the brand’s latest laboratory, the unfolding quest for improvement fuels the company day-to-day, innovation-to-innovation. 1966 was a hallmark year in Motul’s pursuit of invention with the creation of Century 2100, the inaugural semi synthetic oil, hailed by the whole automotive sphere as the industry’s next catalyst to high performance. Inspired by Motul’s 300 victories in competition and enabled by this semi synthetic technology forerunner, the 300V product was born in 1971, becoming the very first fully synthetic oil on the worldwide market. Using today’s technology, 300V is considered as the reference in motorsports.

Motul MotoIR2 GP and Trophy class

In parallel to its automotive business, MotulTech has developed high performance metalworking fluids and lubrication products to address the highly demanding needs from the growing worldwide industrial business world since 1989.  

Motul MotoIR3 GP and Trophy class

Motul is sponsoring the MotoIR2 Grand Prix and MotoIR3 Grand Prix in IRGPXIV. The brand has also supported the MotoIR Championship and Super Series in 2021. Motul has also signed a 5-year partnership with the Super Series.

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