MRO Update regarding DILG Left Lane ban on Tricycles

Date posted on March 2, 2021
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From the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO)

Chairman Mr. Jobert Bolaños.


The PNP HRAO has already sent out memorandums across the nation on the issues of the DILG Left Lane Tricycle Ban and other misinterpretations of the laws.

Though I am still waiting to receive a copy from PNP HRAO, the proof of this is the call I just received from PNP CALACA BATANGAS informing me that they do not apprehend motorcycles on the left lane.

This call that we received was due to the fact that they were given a memo by PNP HRAO just recently.

This is one clear indicator that our plea has been heard by the office of Col. Calanoga Vincent and the PNP Operations LED, Col. Cariaga.

We wish to thank these fine gentlemen who have come forward to fix the issues we face on the ground level and ensure that fair, equal, and proper treatment of the riders and the proper implementation of the laws are practiced by our policemen across the nation.

We also wish to thank the Chief of Police of CALACA BATANGAS, Col. Lacostales for calling us directly and explaining their side of the situation. He assured me that they will always treat riders properly and fairly.

This is indeed good news for all riders as we await the response of the other PNP divisions all over the country.

Source MRO