New 155 Underbone Spotted

Date posted on August 12, 2020
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Unofficial images of a what apperas to be a new Yamaha underbone model deemed as the Exciter RC 155 VVA or Yamaha Y15ZR V3 in other Asian countries have been circulating in social media and over the internet discussion forums.

It is known in Malaysia as the Yamaha Y15ZR , and as the Yamaha Exciter RC in Vietnan and other markets. The most similar model here in the Philippines could be the Yamaha Sniper.

The leaked photos shows the bike in a cargo container and suggests that it will have a new bodywork, VVA engine, a new all LCD instrument display and keyless start.

As of today, we have not heard of any country that has officially announced anything what this model is. If ever, this model could be released as a 2021 model. Don’t expect this bike anytime soon.

However, we think it looks great! What do you think?

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