“No crashes and I hope it stays until the end of the week”- YMPH’s Jordan Cornista

Date posted on June 12, 2021
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The biggest day so far in the career of McKinley Kyle Paz happened yesterday when he took to the track for he first time in Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain and  became the first Filipino to race in the FIM CEV European Moto2 Championships.

He did relatively well in the first 2 sessions despite the fact that he was learning everything- from the track, to the Moto2 GP bike, to the team and racing for the first time in Europe.

YMPH’s Motorsport Head Mr. Jordan Cornista is with him in Spain to help and get him get comfortable and to make sure he gets all the he needs to adapt to this new highly competitive environment.

Previosly, Mr. Cornista was with Paz during his almost three seasons of ARRC competition from his UB150 rookie seaso , his Championship year and his SS 600 debut. No doubt, they have forged a good working relationship and Mr. Cornista is the best person to suppport Kyle.

Yesterday’s session resulted Paz placing in P18 and P20 out of 31 riders. Very respectable indeed. A very mature and professional result that is a good base to work from and progress over the weekend. We are sure that the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team is very happy and satisfied.

We reached put to Mr. Cornista early today before qualifying and asked him a couple of questions.

How was it and what was Kyle’s biggest difficulty on the first day?
No crashes and I hope it stays until the end of the week. Adjustment to the bike and learning the ways on how things are being run here; the race, the team etc.”

How will he approach Qualifying later?
Some adjustments that the team made on the bike for Kyle’s convenience and, with the help of his riding coach, the team was able to make him understand the errors he made during the practice sessions yesterday,  so there may be some improvements coming into  Q1 and Q2 today.”

Photo sources : J. Cornista, M. Paz, VR46, YMPH

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