Pertua Introduces New Powertec Matic and Sponsors Scooter Class of MotoIR Practice Day

Date posted on December 9, 2020
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Another MotoIR Practice Day is happening this Sunday, December 13, at the Carmona Race Track as requested by riders and enthusiasts.

The event will again feature Underbone, Scooter, Stand Up Scooter and MotoIR classes. Still, no spectators in the venue and it will again be live streamed on InsideRACING’s facebook page.

This is the fourth edition of the MotoIR Practice Day and this time, the Scooter category will be sponsored by Pertua which has participated at the InsideRACING Bike Festival and Trade Show and InsideRACING Grand Prix over the years. Pertua also supports racers such as expert rider Dustin Esguerra and Archie Alibong.

Ensuring peak performance of machines through patented technology, Pertua offers oil and treatment products, automotive oils and industrial oils. Born and sold in the US under the trade name Tribotech in 1988, Pertua was brought home to the Philippines in 1991. Pertua is developed, perfected and patented by Engineer Juanito “John” A. Simon from Apalit, Pampanga. Pertua is the first and only Filipino lubrication technology invention to date to have a US patent in 1994 and Engineer Simon is recognized as an international inventor and received a number of prestigious awards.

Pertua is now offering a new product for scooters, the new Pertua Powertec Matic. Formulated specifically for scooter engines, this premium multigrade oil is designed to provide excellent wear protection and maximum engine performance under extreme road conditions.  It is especially formulated with Pertua’s U.S. patented DuraSyn Technology and provides maximum protection against wear and corrosion. The new Pertua Powertec Matic’s unique anti-friction technology ensures maximum fuel efficiency and it has superior control against oil oxidation and nitration. This product provides extreme resistance against high temperature and pressure as well as 2 to 3 times longer than usual change oil interval. Pertua Powertec Matic is now available nationwide.

The MotoIR Practice Day is an event where participants can have fun and improve their riding skills. Get to know more about Pertua and their new product Powertec Matic at the event this December 13.

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