PG-1: Leave it All Behind

Date posted on May 29, 2024
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1 Pg 1 Yamaha Motor Philippines launched the PG-1 as the newest addition to every explorer’s must-have. Stands for Playful Gear,this motorcycle quenches the spirit of all outdoor wanderlusts. It enables every rider to experience moto-exploration to the next level by bringing the ideal outdoor getaway to life. The newest moped is packed with three categories of features: Rugged Outdoor Performance, Functional, and Timeless Design.

2 Pg 1 Front Fork


3 Pg 1 Tires


4 Pg 1 Clearance


5 Pg 1 Boots Cover Rugged Outdoor Performance for your weekend wander!

Ensuring your ideal exploration, the PG-1 used an H-shaped front Fork instead of a conventional wishbone type to increase rigidity and high-level running stability, as well as giving the front the look of a sport bike’s front fork. This provides excellent shock absorption on bumpy roads and contributes to handling performance on unpaved roads and flat dirt. Providing good balance, the block-patterned tires secure the adaptability to a wide range of surface conditions. To reduce the chances of contacting off-road obstructions, it has a 190mm Ground Clearance and rubber boots cover for additional protection. To withstand the high-stress load imposed by riding on unpaved roads and continuous riding over longer distances, the PG-1 features a wide-dimension swingarm. This increases the rigidity of the arm and reduces vibration in it and contributes to a more comfortable ride.

6 Pg 1 Seat 7 Pg 1 Tank 8 Pg 1 Handlebar   Moto-exploration complemented with Functional features

Giving more freedom in riding position, the dual seat is divided front and rear with separate sections. The rider section is especially long, providing the rider with enough space when riding, while the rear seat makes for extra space for luggage. The fuel tank can load up to 5.1L, enough for a good range and hassle-free weekend wander. The PG-1’s upright handlebar design and slim body design allow for a natural, standing, and carefree riding position.

9 Pg 1 Meterpanel 10 Pg 1 Hl 12 Pg 1 Engine 11 Pg 1 Condensed Design Make your outdoor getaway timeless and iconic! The PG-1’s analog instrument cluster with gear indicator matches well with the look of the body. The layout combines a circular speedometer with the oval-shaped fuel gauge and an array of other information, all of which provide great readability. What adds to the iconic look are the round headlight and taillight with a simple and compact design that complements the overall aesthetic. The minimal condensed design boasts a tough yet timeless look that encourages the rider to take the long route and get lost in the outdoors.

2 3 Whether it’s seeking an escape from the ordinary or finding individuality on uneven terrain, there’s more than one road to liberation. Break away from everything that holds you back and start your outdoor exploration with PG-1!

13 Pg1 00b Brown 4oc Wo Stand PG-1 comes in a matte brown color and is now available in YZone, Revzones, and Yamaha 3S Shops nationwide with an SRP of 96,400php.

4 5 credit: Yamaha Motor Philippines

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