Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers
(PSME) Against Barrier

Date posted on July 23, 2020
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Today the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers or PSME issued their Position Paper against the motorcycle barrier.

Signed by its National President Engr. Jeffrey F. Singson ( Phd, PME, ASEAN Engineer) today July 23, 2020.

Our position is based on the science and engineering of how air interacts with moving bodies we call fluid dynamics or aerodynamics. Based on our analysis, the barrier may contribute negatively to safety, health, economy and the environment,” he said.

1. Safety. With the barrier attached either to the motorcycle, to the rider, or being held by the backrider, this compromises the safety of the motorcycle and the riders in general. When the motorcycle is in motion, the barrier will contribute to the change of the designed allowable aerodynamic forces (drag and lift) which will compromise the stability of the motorcycle. This will place the safety of the riders at risk.

2. Health. With the barrier attached when the motorcycle is in motion, the front side of the barrier builds up pressure while creating turbulence and suction behind the barrier. This will not guarantee that the barrier will be effective in protecting both riders from the spread of air particles to each other.

3. Economy and Environment. The attached barrier increases the air resistance of the motorcycle when in motion. This directly affects the economy of the motorcycle resulting to increase in fuel consumption which contributes to the increase in emission and air pollutants which ultimately affects the environment.

In essence we, the PSME believes that the barrier cannot serve as a health and safety measure to protect riders from COVID- 19, instead it may compromise safety, health, economy and the environment.