Philippine Suntal: Supporting riders’ needs for more than 50 years

Date posted on March 28, 2021
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Philippine Suntal Corporation has been in the motorcycle industry since 1969. Since then, they have been consistently importing premium spare parts and accessories for the motorcycle market in the Philippines. Suntal’s main office and warehouse is located at Caloocan City.

With their vast and wide network having more than 500 dealers nationwide, they bring in affordable yet quality products from suppliers of motorcycle parts and accessories from Germany, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Maybe most riders do not know it, but most probably they have accessories and parts installed on their rides that came from Suntal as they carry a wide array of product brands such as Okimura, OKM Racing, BKK alloy rims, Namkai, Vixo, APC Tires, NCY and their very own in-house Suntal brand products. Experienced and long time shop owners and mechanics know, use and trust these brands.

They are also the premium distributor for OEM brands such as Apple gaskets, NPR riston rings, Stanley bulbs, TOP pistons, YSW and Osram Lighting. The Philippine Suntal Corporation has been an OEM supplier for Honda Philippines for over 25 years.

Philippine Suntal’s contribution to the industry in bringing these quality and affordable products to ordinary riders for more than 50 years now is great as they gave every rider the opportunity to enhance and or maintain their beloved motorcycles. They have also helped many hundreds of dealers by providing them the products that their customers need and afford.

Philippine Suntal’s Mr. Michael Te and Mr. Kevin Te with Al Camba (center)

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