Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito Racing Team Excels Again in UBK, PSR and Pirelli Cup’s Round 2

Date posted on June 14, 2017
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Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito Racing Team once again had a strong showing in the second round of the Philippine Underbone King Championships, Philippine Scooter Racing Championships and Pirelli Cup which are all part of the 2017 Philippine Motorsports Championships. The second round was held at the Clark International Speedway last June 3-4.

Phoenix Cyclomax-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito Racing Team riders (L-R) Justinne Bethany Tolentino, Niel Jan Centeno, Vrei-ar Suba and McKinley Kyle Paz (23) with the members of their team

Philippine Underbone King Championships (UBK)

TIME TO SHINE for Justinne Bethany Tolentino (#30) as she finally clinched her first Philippine Underbone King (UBK) Championship trophy of the season in the 115 UB Novice category. The lady rider led over her competitors from the qualifying time trials up until the race itself.

Justinne Bethany Tolentino

Tolentino on top of the podium of the UBK 115 Novice category

Teammate Niel Jan Centeno (#822) gave a valiant effort and finished 1st runner-up in the 115cc UB Open category. Meanwhile it was another test of faith and luck for riders McKinley Kyle Paz (#23) and Vrei-ar Suba (#14) who went up a notch higher from their previous showing as they worked together to get a respectable finish in the Underbone King 150cc UB Open.

Vrei-ar Suba

Niel Jan Centeno

Philippine Scooter Racing Championships (PSR)


Niel Jan Centeno (#822), in a gallant battle, fortified the team’s title defense in the Philippine Scooter Racing Championships’ (PSR) 160 AT Open category as he was crowned champion once again. Justinne Bethany Tolentino (#30) managed a respectable finish even after being involved with another rider who crashed into her in the final lap of the 160 AT Novice/Beginner Category.

Niel Jan Centeno on his scooter race bike

PSR 160 class podium. Centeno (middle) took the first place.

Justinne Bethany Tolentino (30)

In an unprecedented turn of events, McKinley Kyle Paz (#23) clinched the pole position of the 180cc AT Open Category during the qualifying time trial while Vrei Ar Suba (#14) was a few positions behind him. Paz finished 2nd runner-up and Suba managed to finish at 8th place.

Vrei-ar Suba

Pirelli Cup


The team desires to end the campaign on a high note; they all dug deep and brought home the so-called bacon. Rider McKinley Kyle Paz (#23) clinched the title as he finished first on both race 1 and 2 in the Pirelli Cup SS300 category. Co-pilot Vrei Ar Suba (#14) finished 4th overall in the battle of the top expert riders in the industry.

Maintaining her flawless moves and speed, Justinne Bethany Tolentino (#30) managed to defend the 3rd position for race 1 and 2 and secured the 3rd place overall for the Pirelli Cup Lightweight B category.

Justinne Bethany Tolentino

It was a valiant effort for the team to maintain their status as one of the premier teams on Philippine soil.

The team is backed by Phoenix Cyclomax Racing 4T, Phoenix Premium 98, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc., FAITO Racing Philippines, KOSO Philippines, IRC Tires, Racing Boy Philippines, RK Racing Chain and Sprocket, LS2 Helmets for Paz, Centeno and Tolentino’s helmet, SEC Protective Gears, NITEK for Suba’s helmet, JM Mirasol Advertising, ARacer SpeedTek ECU, Replica Pro Pipes, Gaz-i Suspension and AT Knee Sliders.

Words and Photos by: Phoenix-Yamaha-KOSO-Faito Racing Team