Please ride sensibly during the holidays

Date posted on October 30, 2019
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The holiday season normally brings more shopping, more parties and family gatherings that lead to higher volume of vehicles on the road at any given time of the day. The resulting heavy traffic is compounded by the fact that most, if not all, are trying to rush to their destinations. Accidents and road rage are not uncommon during these times especially near shopping malls and business districts.


Motorcyclists will not be exempted from these “hassles”. During “normal” days, we can ride aggressively in traffic without any problem as most motorists already anticipate our moves (some with envy and fury!). Some even push the envelope of safety and regularly test their luck whenever they zigzag on the road carelessly splitting traffic as if they were in a MotoGP race. Most of you fast riders know what I am talking about.

However, during these busy months, we riders need to be more careful when we ride as other motorists on the road are not in their usual relaxed and forgiving mood towards motorcyclists. When riding during peak hours, be aware of the increased risks and the different behaviors of drivers on the road. To avoid spending your holidays in the hospital, I strongly suggest that we should all ride more sensibly.



During heavy traffic, one important thing that riders should understand, observe and practice is yielding. It means to give way. One of the biggest complaints of car drivers against us motorcyclists is that we do not yield like other vehicle drivers do. Sadly, after observing other riders on the road, I agree to a certain extent that there are commuting riders who do not yield (especially those who like to ride fast on the slow lane).  Even after cars or buses on the outside lanes have already yielded to left-turning vehicles or pedestrians crossing the road, some motorcyclists still refuse to stop or just slow down and even try to beat them in their paths. I’ve observed far too many close calls of motorcycles almost t-boning left-turning vehicles and worst, sideswiping pedestrians. Indeed, as a rider myself, it is not something to be proud of. This kind of riding will surely get you into an accident any time.



Yielding to other traffic and pedestrians on the road is like sharing and gift-giving. It brings out a happy and positive feeling that can definitely reduce stress. This noble act is also in line with the holiday spirits. By simply yielding when necessary, you do not only create a safer situation for yourself but you also give relief to another stressed motorist on the road.

We all want to reach our destinations immediately and yielding to other motorists or pedestrians make us lose time so it’s best to budget more time for travel instead of trying to make up time. Remember, it’s better to arrive late but safe, than never to arrive at all.

Ride safely and always fasten your helmet.