Post Apocalypse Scrambler by Revolt Cycles

Date posted on April 10, 2018
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A bike you could have sworn just blasted its way out from the Mad Max Fury Road and right in front of our lenses.
The bike is the creation of brothers Jon Kevin Yu and Louie Yu of Revolt Cycles Cebu. We saw the bike several weeks before the photo shoot through social media but it was a whole new beast when you see it personally. It is enigmatic and imposing you can’t help but hear the words of Immortan Joe “You shall Ride Eternal Shiny and Chrome!!!” when you grab its handlebars, you feel like a War Boy ready to take on the Fury Road.
Just like the chase bikes from “The Citadel”, the Team at Revolt Cycles created a Scrambler that can take on whatever the post apocalypticworld can throw at it. They made sure it was agile and lightweight but built to last for long rides on and off-road. “The concept for this bike is a Scrambler. What generally characterizes aScrambler is the adaptation of a road bike into anall-terrain ride. As these bikes historically wouldgo from crossing a stream to climbing a muddy hillwhile trying to get from point A to B as quickly aspossible, it was important that they be lightweight,powerful and reliable. Some key characteristicsof a Scrambler is a shorter, padded seat, torqueover top end power, visual simplicity, lightweightcomponents, smaller tanks, mini gauges, a tucked in headlight and chunky off-road tires with spokedwheels,” Jon Kevin said during an interview.
The build process was really interesting and the team really did some fascinating steps to give the bike that aged and rustic look. They had to go through lengths to rebuild the rotting Honda TMX 155 and transform it to one mean highly capable machine. “It took around 2-3 months to finish the bike. We bought the bike second hand, the bike was just left to rot in a small shed with ducks and a dilapidated roof. The bike was full of mud, duck droppings and rust,” Louie Yu added.
The team completely dismantled the bike, they had the engine completely overhauled. They also replaced all the rusted out parts, bought new rims, new tires, new speedometer, new cables, basically everything was new except for the engine, frame and gas tank. The team wanted it to look rusty and beat-up, so they scraped the tank bare metal, thensprayed on a homemade secret concoction to hasten the rust. They then proceeded to remove the excess rust, sprinkled it with water and left it under the sun for a day or two. After that they applied clear coat to stop it from rusting further.
For the sub frame they chopped off the rear end, and welded a custom-made U-shaped steel tube with a slight angle. “When everything was done, we assembled the bike. We were so excited to ride it already we placed fuel in the gas tank, then fuel was dripping out all over the place. We checked where it was coming from and got surprised there’s a hole under the tank,” Jon Kevin narrated their ordeals during building the bike. The team had to drain the tank and have it repaired. When the tank was all set to go, they did some test rides but after a week they encountered problems starting the bike, the kick start just goes through, and the engine just won’t turn. After a thorough check the team detected the problem. It was the gears inside the engine for the kick start which were already worn off. So they had to open up the engine again just to have that gear changed. After all of that, everything was running smoothly ever since.
“With all the obstacles we went through, everything was really worth it as RVLT03 was born,”
Jon Kevin said.

Honda TMX 155
Parts and Accesories Used:
• Yamaha L2 headlight
• Duro tires
• Pro-taper handlebars
• Classic gas cap
• Classic tail light
• Revolt Cycles headlight mount assembly
• Custom-made leather seat
• Custom-made bullet pipe
• AEM air filter