Powerful Beginning for Suzuki-VMan Racing Team at the MotoIR Championship

Date posted on May 2, 2018
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Suzuki-VMan Racing Team came in powerful at the first round of the MotoIR Championship on April 22 at the Batangas Racing Circuit bagging 3 awards and a pole position on the Suzuki GSX-R150. This is Suzuki’s big return to the MotoIR and the brand’s comeback has proven that the team is a strong force to be reckoned with.


The Suzuki-VMan Racing Team with Suzuki Philippines’ President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki and Jacq Buncio of the Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team


The Suzuki-VMan Racing Team is composed of veteran riders and Suzuki Asian Challenge (SAC) graduates April King Mascardo and Eane Jaye Sobretodo with promising young racers Djereck Ondillo and Dan Carlo Alvarado. Mascardo and Sobretodo are competing at the MotoIR Championship Expert (MotoIR1) category while Ondillo and Alvarado race at MotoIR Novice/Beginner category (MotoIR3).


April King Mascardo (43), Eane Jaye Sobretodo (32), Dan Carlo Alvarado (128) and Mark Djereck Ondillo (03) of Suzuki-VMan Racing Team

The MotoIR1 saw Sobretodo securing the pole position and leading the first few laps with Mascardo on his tail at the lead pack. In the next laps however, a technical problem occurred with Sobretodo leaving Mascardo to secure the team’s position which landed him 3rd on the podium.


April King Mascardo

Eane Jaye Sobretodo


The MotoIR3 on the other hand, showcased consistent strong performances of both Ondillio and Alvarado who started the race at 1st and 2nd positions on the grid capping the race with a smooth 1-2 finish.


Mark Djereck Ondillo

Dan Carlo Alvarado

Summary of Awards:

MotoIR Championships

MotoIR1 – Expert Category April King Mascardo – 3rd Place; Eane Jaye Sobretodo – Pole Position MotoIR3 – Novice/Beginner Category Djereck Ondillio – 1st Place; Dan Carlo Alvarado – 2nd Place

The MotoIR Championship rusn within the National Motorcycle Championships 2018. Round 2 is slated on June 3 at Batangas Racing Circuit.

Words by Suzuki Philippines

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